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O 'II 25 CENT rol. I .11 . Adveitisements, such as To Rent, For Sale, and Wants, not exceeding three Unes, can be inserted three weeks lor 25 cents. HELP WAÍÍTED, ETC. WANTED- By a stuiltnt, a positiou in which I can pay for my board while attending school. Address Hoi S34, Aun Arbor, Mich. Good refereuces. WANTED- A man and wife to room and board. Also workingmen. 51 South Divis ion-s rpHE New York Dramatic Times wants a corJL respondent in thia iity. WAN1ED- Place to work lor buard and ko to school by asteady youug man. AJdrtsa box 15-16. WANTED- A Girl to do general hiusework, at No. 6 Boweiy. JIrs. F. dtofflet. FOR SALE. 17AR.[ FOR SALE- A flrst class farm of S5 " acres, 2% miles south of Aun Arbor. Buildings and tenues in good tondition. For further inlormation iuquire on the prcmises. L. H. Moses. BERCH BLOCK S(ove Wood, Í2.0O per cord ; (Oreen); 16-in. 1) op postal. Box 1120, city FARM FOR SALE- The farm known as the Grant T. Perry farm of 200 Acres of lirstclass land, situated in the township of Lodi. Inquire of Comsiock F. HUÍ, Administrator. FOB SALE- My uiidivided one-half of a Farm. situatt-d three miles E. of Auu Arbor, and knowu as the Howe and North Farm , would exchange for properly in or near Kansas City, Mo. Address me at 1223, Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Mra. Eliza North, FOR SALE- Fruit Farm, 19 acres, at Ann Arbor. Michigan, for tale at a bargaiu. Only reason for selling is anable to tend to n. Choicest land, highest cultivation. 11 acres in raspberries and blackberries ; 4 in (rapes, pears andjpeaches; 2 in grove pla1 tation two yeara old. Cash eales this year ÏH'kio. Abundant water; House cost Ï5,(MO. Elegant lawn, hedges and shade. One mile from Court-house. Te. ma easy. J. H, Clough IpOR SALE.- House and lot No. 44 Wsshington1 et Apply of N. W. Cheever, No. 10 Nortü 4thBt LARGE NEW HOUSE, with one or two lots, for sale or exchange for smaller property, If not sold, will be for rent J. P. Judson, South Unlverslty Ave. FOK REKT. 170R RENT- Two small Houses, $8 per month, and one laree first-class House, furnished or unfurnbhed, Ï3Ö0 and $)00 per year. Iuquire of J. Q. A. Sessions, No. 5 N. Maiiist. PART of a large House, suitable for taking boarders, or lor small fainiJy, to reut low to good tenant. 5 N. State-st. REAL ESTÁTE FOK SALE OK RENT.- Housl-s and lote valued from ïl 000 to $6,u0o and containüig from oneiifth oi an acre to iwenty acres- ah In the city limits. Houses rci'tedon reasonable terms in central localities. Farms exchaugtd lor city property. Enquire of J. Q. A.8ESSION8, 632tf Attorney and Real Estáte Agent. Oftice over Express Oflice, Main St., Ann Arbor. WI80ELL.AMEOPW. ÏN'D on State-st.- Two picces solid Table Linen. Enquiie at 74 E. Washington-st. TOST - Mottlcd pocket bnok containing about j H.00 cash and pckg Holmes' hack tickets between Cook Housu aiid Bach & Abel's. M, E. Cooley. ÖNEY TO LUAN- Oood securily. Address, A. D„ box 1127, Ann Arbor. SUBSCRIPTIONS for American and Foreign Periodicals handled with accuracy and dtspatch, at low, ratea. W. W. Beman, 19 si. 5th et.


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