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The Rv. Dr. Washington Gladden will have a paper of great limeliness on the "Safeguards of' Suffrage" io the next Century, the February Luaiber. He briefly discusse8 all the priocipal Miggestions recently made lookinjr towards reform in these inatiers. Dr. Gladden strongly urges oertain restrictions on the lines especiaüy of crirninality and pross ignorance. In the Febroary "Popular Monthly," one of its ablest contribuios, Dr. Andrew D. White, reappears with aiiother of his masterly "New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. These chapters are the fruit of an exhaustive research which Dr .White is now carryin on ia B;irope, and show what a terrible struggle Soience has had in dUlodging delusions from the human mind. The siibjoet of the preseut paper is " Demoniac Poseession and Insanity. - New York: D. Appleton & Company. Filty cents a number. J5 a year. A novelty in the Forum is an article by Jules Verne, in his mo?t fanwful stjle, desnribing the life of a great American editor a thousand years henee. AdvertiBements will then be printed on the clouds ; the newspaper will be vocal, andtubscribers will be saved the trouble of reading, by telephone and phonograph ; reporters will not only speak lo eubscriber?, but by the "telephone" they will also transmit pictures of objects and scènes that they describe. The editor will be the real ruler of the worid, and one uf his dutiea will be to settle international quarrels. This fanciful (.keich is an interesting bit of satire. The number tor February concludes Vol. VI.- The Forum Pubhshing Co., 253 Fifth Ave. N. Y.


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