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Is Tbis Wlim Ails Ton? Do you have du!), heavy headache, obstruotion of the nasal passage?, discharges falling from the head into ihe throat, somj times profuse, watery, and acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucou, purulent, bloody and putrid ; eyes weak, watery, and inflamed ; ringing in the ears, deafness, hacking or coughing to clear the throat, expcctoration ot" offensive matter, together with scabs from ulcers; voice changed and napal twang; breath ofiensive ; smell and taste impaired ; is there a sensation of dizziness, with mental depression, a hacking cough and general debilily ? If you have all, or any consiberable number of these symptoms, you are suffering from Nasal Uatarrh. The more complicated your d8ea?e has become, the greater the number and diversity of symptoms. Thousands of cases annually, without manifesting half of the above eymptoms, result in consumption, and end ia the grave. No disease is to common, more deceptive and daDgerou?, or less understood, or more unsuccessfully treated by physician?. The manufacturera of Dr. Sage's Catsrrh Remedy offer, in good faith, a reward of $500 for a case of thi? disease which they cannot cure. The Remedy 8 told by druggists, at only 50 cents. Tbere are timid tourists who will not go up the Nile, fearing a cataract in the eye. To Tonrists and 'Iranlirx. A meohanie never goes to work without his tools. Neither should you start on a journf y without being fully equipped by always having a box of Pomeroy's Petroline Piasters in your knapsaik. In cases of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Backache, etc., when you are probably far from a doctor, the importance of having a piaster at hand cannot be over-estimated. Peaestrians, oarsmen, baseballers, cricketers, gymnasts, and all athletes will flnd it a true friend. For relieving and curing Backache, Soreness of Chest, all pains and aches, it is simply invaluable. For Sale by H. J. Brown, District Agent for Ann Arbor. Some sheet music - Snoring. Eczema, Itctay, Scaly, Skin Tortures. The simple application of "Swayne's Ointment," whithout any infernal medicine, will cure any case of Tetter, Salt Rheum, Ringworm, Piles, Pimples, Eczema all Scaly, Itchy Skin Eruption, no matter how obstinate or long standing. It is potent, effective, ond costa but a trifle. Germán for base ball - Nein. Indispensable to tha Toilet. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid cures chafing.eruptionsandinflammation of all kinds; cures iiiflamed or sore eyes; relieves pains f'rom bites or stiugs of insects and sore feet; destroys all taint of perspiration or offensive smell (rom the feet or any part of the body; cleanses and whitena the skin. Used as a dentifrice it purifiea the breath; preserves the teeth and cures toothache; sore gums and canker. Viewed ín the light of game, it is ni t improper to cali red-haired girls " duckp." The HiiMli -i Han in A nu Arbor As well &i the handsomest, and others are invited to cali on any druggist and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, a remedy that is selling entirely upon ita merits and is guaranteed to relieve and cure all Chronic and Acute Ooughs, Asthma, Bronchitits and Consuraption. Large bottleg 50 cis. and $1. "Going to a better place above" - The Manhattan Club. An errand boy in a Philadelphia fancy store has just beeri left $500,000, but it is though the will die early of consumption. There is nothing better for your chiMren that are daily exposed than a spooníul or two of Dr. Ball's Cough Syrup. Cut glass - Gleziers. The most remarknble cures of scrofula on record have been accomplisbtd by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Try it. Sold by all druggiets. "TVfvvV triöe "l1 any Tliroat or '■JV)XV v LungDisease. If you liava tl Congh or Cold, or tlie children are threatened witli Croup or Whooping Cough, tuse Acker's EnglisU llemedyand prevent fmrther trouble. It is a positivo cure,' and we guarantee it. x Price 10 and 50a John Moore, Druggist.


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