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Read what the people say concerning the ability of Dr. Thomas' Kclectric Oi to cura asthtna, catarrh. croup, colds. etc. Mrs. Dor Koch of lïuffalo, says ; tl For croup it is decidedïy efficaclous." [Mrs. Jacob Mellisor of Mariois. Ohio, says the same thing.J S. S. Graves, Akron, N. Y., writes : " Had asthma of the worst kind, took one dose of Thomas1 Eclectric OÍ1 and wat relieved in a few minutes. Wou!d walk five miles forthis medicine and pay $5 a bottle for it." DruggistC. R. Hall, Grayville, ÏIL, sas: " Cured au ulcerated throat for me in twenty-four hours." Sat up in bed and coughed uil the clothiog was wei with perspiration. My wife insisted that I use Thomas' Eclectric Oil. The first teaspoonfuï RELIBVBDme." E. H. Perkins, Creek Centre, N. Y., Thomas' Eclectric Oil is also a TipTop external applicalion for rheumatismt cut,scald;,burns,biie5;, bruises.etc. When visiting the druggist, ask In in what hc knows of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil ; if he has been long in ihe drug Irade, be sure he wilt speak high 1 y of it. IVorUod Wonden. My daugliter was very bad off on account of a cold and pain in her luDg, Dr. TAomas' Belectric Oil cured her in twenty-four kours. One of the boys was cured of sore ihroat. This medicine has worked wonden in our family." Alvab Pinckney, Lftkc Mdliopac. N. V. ?3 GQ g Ci 02 H ö S 3 03 E; O) gH ia g ö 2 e í-fl p 3 3 Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Berry Plante, Fruit and Ornament-il Trees, Pears and Grapevines a Specialty. fcsyrupa and Home-Made Wines. Syrup of liaspberry ; Bartlett Vear Syrup, Bone sett. Dandelion aml Kaspberry Wiius and .Shrnlis for Liver aml Kidny tronbles; Sweet Red Cou. cord and Mariha White Wines, cspecially prepared lor Iimüldil Order Trees and l'iants early, as we gct of them from the best Nuneri& cast. E. BACK, West IlllroüSI. 4fe m I r 4% ■ ■ k I Vfe wish a few mriLLUITILIlto the whoie■ JBale and reiail traüe. care the largest luuimfiict uiers in our line. Knclose twocent stamp. A permanent WAPFQ position. No attention paid t o JtjC' postal cards. Money advanccdCQ II II Tor warcs, advertising, u'UWlwV Centennial Manufacturing Co., !,__ _. , -- _raJKiii m, OtattA ,T 'J' r-H-nrf ri rf l'fT Tiiti'T i V SÁ. wucjJUuJLoMu. el urwCtmi.tiutAJUu net-iuf,tti,ÚsdlL )C.; J jb4dx.bhilh títáléCÍKA. O &&AJL CV JuAJUo uit, o, iSicámdlulíiJtiiJiA & s tFnAilu4 TJVICHI6AN ■-■ ' úúi iiwa "■' ■ i -' xaawraiiv S8K8S&6 S SS$8 O ÏC tO t t t OOXOïCOr ■nnsidaixa B. 1 dxg -ooz.ibx , o _S .L ttoo o o - i o h -inBa-dra Í H: ! P3)!nri pub e,,.-, ::_■ -Scio not-oo : : : o ai ioao s K g 'nng jdooxa fc -i-i I'ssMdxa xBa g??22 : ; 8 SSSSS - -t : : : o Atscnn ss as ans?daax3 ■ ; i -i TTTiMi! i ijiü I JJJ Ü Í JU ' ÍJffffi '. lllll la.SSB.HBOOl HHSOH H 1 ■ 'M 'M 09 I9S38af5A3 S Í8SS 2 !?8SS88 nngjdaDxa j ! fa !p SpjdBH Pi9 : = "rt -irSSSSSS O iai-i :in n :':co-w:o nng idaoxo ■' o.' o; ssajdxs a 8SSSS ! ! iSSSS s imsidaoxa ■ o; t y 1 1 n 1 1 1 y j j I alfil s iillip 0. W. RUGGLES. H. W. HAYSE, t. G. P. & T. A.. Chicaso. Local Ag't, Ann Arbor. Toledo, Anü Arlior & Nortli Michigan B'y Time Table Koinnr Into effect 'Sunday Jan 6 'si L'l: stIÍions. ?.olnífiví Pats.' Pass. Mail Southern División. Ma, Pass p A. M. P. M. A. M. LV'K] [AER P. M. pTiI"T 3 25 6 3', Toledo. 1 10 fi 00 .! 4 06 6 19 Monroe Junct'D 12 24 10 20 4 15 6 27 Duudee 12 18 10 13 "" 4 31 6 46 Mllan 12 00 9 50 4 52 7 OS Plttsfield 11 40 9 32 7 30 5 0 7 20 ..Aun Arbor... 11 25 9 20! 9 30 8 00 5 27 7 35 Leland's U 10 9 Oö! 9 10 5 45 7 49 Whitmore Lake 10 55 8 50 5 52 7 56 Hambuiy 10 48 8 45 6 34 8 45 Howel' 10 11 8 13 7 15 9 85 Durand 9 35 7 30 8 55 10 55 ...East Saglnaw... 7 55 5 5S ".'.'" A. M P. M. A. M. A. M. P. M.iA. M. NORTHERN DIVISIÓN. 7 30 9 35 Durand 9 35 7 15 '0 15 12 46 ...Mt. Pleasant... 6 48 4 35 12 55 3 30 Cadillac 4 15 2 00 A. M.P. M. A M. P. M. All passenger trains run daily except Sandav. Connections at Toledo with rallroadsdiverjcii.e At Manhattan JunctionwithWheclingdk Lake Er; B. S. At Alexi Junction wltb M. C R. R L. 8 A'j and F. & P M. R. K A' Monroe Junctlon mm L. 8. di. M. 8. K'y. At Duudee wlth L84 M. 8.. and M. 4 O. Ry . A t Milan with W.. 8t. L. S P. Ry. At Pittsfleld with L. 8. A M. 8 B'y At Ann Arbor with Michigan Central R. R., aud at South Lyon with Detroit, I-anslng and North"-n R. R., and tí. T. Ry. H. W. A3HLEY. A. J. PAISLEY, Superintendent. Gen. Passenger Agent. GEO. H. HAZLEVVOOD, W. W. BETTS, Axent, Aun Arbor. Traveling Pass. Ag't. At Ashley with the Toledo Saginaw & Mus lyigoii railway. Highest Awards, London, New York, Boston New Orleans, "THE H1HNOSD" TYPE-WRIÏER ! r.NEXCKLLED FOB SPEED, PEEFKCT Alignment and Durability ! TIn' Kriison H iiiKornpIi for dupllcatiug copies, superior to all other methods. Type-Writer supplies etc.: for Catalogue and Price List, Acldress W. A. CAMPBELL, Act., Ann Arbor, Mlch. Henry Richards, KO !( Illlllllll ST. Dealer in all kinds of HARD WOOD, LUMBER, FENCB POSTS, etc, also all kinds of STONE AND CORD WOOD I am also Agent for the celebrateil CBAKP1QN BINDERS AND MÍM, And Keep a Full Line of Repairs for the Same.


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