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Republican County Convention

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A RepnMiraf County Convention to eject ♦wenty-one delégate to the Republican State Convention to be held at the Detroit Ruik Detroit Mich., on Thursday, Febmary 21, 1889. at 12 o'èlock, for the purpose of nonilnatlngone Justin of the Supreme Coun and two Regente of the State Uuiversity, will be held at the court house, in the lityof Ann Arbor. on Wednesday, Ftb. 13,1889 at 11 oclock a. m. The city wards. and iownshii will be entitled to delegates in the Coanty Convention as löliows : i. A. City, First ward.5 Pittsfield Second" ...4 Salem TWrd " ...4 Saline Fourth " ...5 Scio Fifth " ...3 Sharon 4 " Sixth " ...3 Superior 4 A. A. Town 4 Sylvan Anguja 5 Webster 4 Brideewater 4 oik ' S. .. % YpsIlantiTown 5 sTeedo'm"'.'::.'.'.'.".:.:. 4 Ypsilanti CityLima.. ._ 4 First ward 4 jj(Mjli 4 Second ward o Ljndöa."ll....„... 3 Thirdward. 4 Manchester „ _..8 Fourth ward 3 Northfield 5 Fifth ward 4 v order of the committee. P. W. Cap.i'enter. Secretry.


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