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Miss Jane Coombs Appeared Last Night

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es "Lady Dádloek" and "Hortense m Charles Dickena Bleak House, io a large audience, anri ave as Lady Dedlock one of the most finished, artistic, and bt-autiful performances of female character that has ever been seen upon our stage. In the impassioned scène in the third act she reached the most intense expression of passionate acting and received an enthusiastic renall after the {ourth aet when she disrbsed her identity to her child, the audience were moved to tears for the repentant mother. MUs Coombs' regal beauty, magniöcent voice, and exquisite grace captured every heart in the large audience. As Hortense, the revengeful lady's maid, Miss Coombs achieved a distinct success, playiog it with all tbe abandon of a French woman, who when goaded to desperation by Tulkinghorn, deliberately plans and aecomplishes hig tnurder. The tupporting company was very fine and gave suc'.i representations as will not be foraotten. The :n erest in the piece sustained to a close ; il is surjiisioa that so much of lh U)y could be so well told. - Cïncinnati Oommerciw. Tne Senior class of the Higb Sciool adopted the foHowing resolatioM regarding the death ot une oí their number, Edwaid Fitzgerald: Asn Anón, Mich., Jan. 29, '89. Whereas. One of uur esteomed ciassmates has, by the Allwise Providenee been taken ironiuN Resolved, Thatwc, tne uiemberaol the .-inior claSof theAnn A.b.THigb Bchoo ogita to the dealh of Edwa d Kiizgerald, the loss of a lricnd and favorile clasmato. Resotoed, That ihe commendable virtucs of our classmaie were nol alone exempWIed in hib associauous Hh i, but aHo at hume and wiih whomsoevtr he e-ame Ui contact. Remlved, That we as aciiuss tender our Fympathi.sto the bewaved iarnily ho bow under thisafflicting strokeot providencu wliich depnves them of a noble son and a luviug brotlur. Resulvcd, That tüece resolutious be jmblished In the leading papers of the city, and a copy be .enttothe.aiuüy. ELLA BENNHTT, )■ Com. MAKY l'UFKY, ) Rjndali exblbita a fiue pholograph of ,91 girls, ________„_ Mrs. Nellie Grant-Sartoris, the married daugbter of the late General Grant, and her two children, arrived in New York from Europe on Bunday on a visit to her mother. Contraotor Cline, of the Keystone Bridge Company, who built tli e bridge at Spottsville, Ky., vhich feil recontly, killing a nuraber of wor.cmen, has beea iudicted for murder. lt has been decided by citizena of Bloomington, 111., to raise 60,000, with which to buy grounds for the State fair and to mako i determined effort to have it located at Bloomington. The socond trial of William E. Westbrook, who stabbed a man at Blue Mound, 111., July 2, was begun at Decatur Monday. At his first trial Westbrook was sentenced to be hanged March 30. A sub-contractor named Good, of Keokuk. Ia., is suing the Chicago, Müwaukee it ët Faul railway to recover S92.000 which lle slleges is due him for work performed in the construction of the road. Governor Le3Üe, of Montana, has appointed RusseU B. Harrison Commissioner íor Montana at the celebration of the centennial ann versary of the inauguration of Washington, to occur at Now York April 13. Bishop Foley, of Detroit, has issued a letter declaring that Father Kolasinski is not a priest of the diocese, has no right to say mass, and that any persou attending services held by him wiil be cul off from the Roman Catholic churcu. The Secretary of War has not fied the city of Frankfort, Ky., that the old woodeu bridge across the Kentucky r ver at that point must ba raised, as it is too low for boats to pass under. Tho b ridge has stootl for over sixty years. Charles L. C'lby bas resiprned the presidency of the Wiïconsin Central railroad and will bo succeeded by his brother, Joseph L. Colby. ïhis, itis thought, means that the Wisconsin Centra] is to be swallowed up by the Northern Pacific.


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