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St. Josepli'a church of Dexter is to have ;i new pipe organ. The Father Mathew society of Pinckney presented Fr. Considine with a $20 gold piece recently as a token of esteem. Amateur theatricals have struck Clirtton, the young peopie of St. John's ehurch innicting "Hazel Kirke" upon the public on the 29th and 20th. The young ladies of the Baptist church of Lyndon recentlv realized about $26 for the church by an entertainment which they called " A fruit shower or breaking of the money banks." A very appropriate title. Swaine Wells, of Augusta, who was convicted of murdering his wife about two years ago, and was pentenced to imprisonment for lifo, has become violently insane and has been removed to the asylum at Ionia. C. H. Morse, who has been shipping poultry frotn Ypsilanti during the winter, bas shipped nearly G5 tons witliin the past tliree and a hdlf rnonths. The farmers of this vicinity have realized nearly $12,000 on the poultry that he has purchased. Pretty good sum. The Chelsea arbeiter verien has elected the following officersfor the ensuing year : President, Chris. Klein : vicepresident, A. Neuberger; secretary, Israel Vogel; treasurer, Fred Vogel: cor. Becretary, Chas. Neuberger ; medical examiner, Dr. Palmer; standard bearer, C. Hummel. Geo. W. Albtecht, formerly a Howell boy, but now of Bellaire, Mich., and who has worked his way up by cooking in luniber camps, scaling logs, etc, till finally we find him in the profession of law and president of the bank of Bellaire. He is strongly recommended for eo vernor of Alaska. Leader. The state game warden calla attention to the statute which prohibits the killing of woodcock, partridge, ruffled grouse, wiid duck, wild goose, or other wild water-fowl or snipe, between Jan. lst and Sept. lst. A fine and imprisonment is provided for violation of this statute, and the warden is going to see that guilty persons are prosecuted. Be careful what you shoDt. A certain Chelsea lady always wants the inside of the sidewalk. She not jonly wants it but she gets it whenever she'goes out to walk. One man who refused to yield to her demand had his whiskers pulled and his hat knocked off, and scores of men have been knocked i uto the ditch. The lady says she will have the inside track if she hasto fight for it until she dies.- Herald. Saline. Robert Shaw is still quite UI. Arch. Parsons, of Ypsilanti, spent Sunday in Saline. A brothcr of Mr. Beehtol's is here making an extended visit. Work on the Dundee gas well has ceased for the time and the contractors haveleft for Elgin, 111. On account of the large number of vaccinations, the school children of Dundee are enjoying a vacation this week. Rev. Mr. Gallup preached his fiarewell sermón to the people of Saline last Sunday evening. He goes to Brooklyn to preach th3 year. The prosecuting attorney of Monroe county reports 83 persons prosecuted during the past year, and only four of this uumber we re acquitted. C. B. Roselle, whose illness lasted only about a week, died Thursday last. The funeral was held Sunday, the remains being brought to the Süline cemetery for interment. Vaccination has ately become very fashionable. and the doctors are presumably reaping rich harvests. One of our doctors recently vaecinated nine ïnembers of one family. The Baptist church will have quartette singing hereafter, the merabers of the quartette being as follows ; Soprano, Mrs. A. K. Rouse; alto, Mrs. A. G. Lawrence; tenor, Frank Clark; bass, Preston House. Miss Myrtle Rouse is organist. The cantata of Queen Esther is given this week Friday and Saturday nights at the opera hall, by a chorus of fifty voices. The costumes for the soloists shields, helmets, etc, are hired from Detroit for the occasion. The costumes are magnificent. D. A. Bennett has had the training of the company, the same as three years ago, when Queen Esther was given there with such suc cess. rallan. Stave boks are now coming in quite lively. Oui dealers are now harvesting ice eight inches thick. The Ladies missionary society will meet at Mrs. Bulloc's next Saturday afternoon. A number of head stones liave recently been received to mark deceased soldiers' graves. Rie Ostrander saya he feels as if he was a foot larger each way. Yes, sir ; it's a boy, I thank you. H. Hack has receipted for the attached property of the Ilowards in the village, whereby it is released. The farm is still held. Our beautiful street lamps have shed "nary" a glimmer for the past twelve months, and have suddenly been removed from their solitary perches : hemce original darkness prevails. The saw and grist mili belonging to Southerland & Ensian, was found on ñre Sunday morning by E. Naylor, at a little after 8 o'clock. Assistanee was called and the fire soon extinguished ; damage about $50; no insurance. Supposed to be the work of an incendiar?. Dr. Mesic of Milán has kindly lent medical assistance to the East Milán small-pox sufferers. This shows humanity. The doctor takes every precaution against spreading the disease ; but walks boldly into its midst bimself giving valuable assistance to the stricken ones. Mr. Babcock, Milán has some splendid young ladies, too modest to address you ; too coy to seek your acquaintance; brimming over with good natured mirth; splendid cooks; gentle in manners, with dispositions as unlike a crosscut saw as you can imagine. Don't give us the go-by, Mr. Babcock; come down some fine day after the small-pox scare, and cast an eye over our beauties. The trip will do your soul good, and there is no knowing but what we may be a mediator between loving hearts. But we decline just now to say why we write this interestedly. We never meddle with such matters until importuned. ITpslIantl. The Light Gtiards employ Ann Arbor larpists for their hops. The Young Women's Christain Association gave a reception at their readng rooms, last evening. Union meetings are being held at the II. E. church, conducted by Rev. Mr. 'atterson, an Evangelist of Chicago. About 80 ton of live poultry was purhused by Mr. Morse, of the Boston 3oultry Shipping House, here this season. "Have you read Robert Elsmere" is a question of the past, and the all absorbng inquiry is, "Have you been vaccinated." Over 100 Normalities are getting in shape to wrestle with the Senior examnations and be let loose upon the hard utifeeling world, next June. Abram Cooper is out from Dallas, Cexas, to see what can be done to prevent hls wife, a resident of this city, 'rom obtaining a divorce fiom hina. One hnndred guests gathered at the ïome of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Rorison, Honday evening, to helpthem celébrate the 60th anniveraary of their niarriage. Some of onr easily frightened citizens lave been trying very hard to lócate a case of small pox here, but with no success so far, as our physicians keep too close a watch on cases of all kinds. St. Andrew's Brotherhood, of the Epsicopal church, will soon hold a valentino social at Dr. Post's. There will be a prize for the best orignal valentino. George Hays, colored, who was arrested last week as being the probable assaulter of the young servant girl, was dismissed at trial, being able to prove his innocence of this particular crime, at least. The long, lank, limber tower of the Presbyterian church, which has for years been a terror to people during every high wind, has been torn down, much to the relief of people in the near vicinity of the church. Cholsen. G. P. Glazier was in Detroit Wednesday. Rev. John Patchin, of Manchester, was in town on Tuesday. Special meetings are continued this week at the M. E. church. The ladies' library has been removed to the supervisors' room in the town hall. Mrs. Schlotterbeck, of Ann Arbor, is visiting the family of her brother, C. II. Kempf. W. F. Hatch left for Chicago on Monday night. He will return the latter part of this week. Mrs. Casey, of Detroit, has been the guest of her cousin, Mrs. W. F. Hatch, since Tuesday night. O. T. Hoover, of the Saline Observer, spent Sunday with his parents, and made a trip to Jackson on Monday. Wm. Bncon has bought out the lumber yard heretofore owned by Kempf Bros., and will continue the business at the oíd stand. Mrs. Frisbie, of Oakland, Cal., formerly a resident of Chelsea, is spending the winter with her bister, Mrs. Manly Burchard. J. L. Babcock has subscribed $130 to the Coneregationnl parsonage fund, i.hat being the cost of the furnace lately put into said parsonage. Thebell, weighing 169 pounds, that was placed upon ths town hall a few weeks ago, has been replac ed by another weighing 500 pounds. Beautiful, clear ice, about six inches being drawn frorn Pierce'rf lake. Butchers and private families that have ice houses are feeling better. Dr. F. S. Buckley, of the U. of M., who recently opened dental rooms here, has so niucb" work already that he was cotnpelled to reuiain here three days last week. Mrs. D. G. Hoag left Wednesday for a visit of several weeks among friends in Greene county, N. Y. She was accompanied by her niece, Miss Julia Van Slyke, of Jackson. A new mercantile firm has been organized by E. G. Hoag and H. S. Holmes under the name of Hoag & Holmes. They will occupy the adjoining rooms heretofore occupied by Hoag's bazaar and Bacon's hardware, their stock consisting chiefly of hardware, crockery, and general housefurnishing goods. About four o'clock on Tuesday morning, Martin McKone, residing in the north-west corner of the Corporation, about half a mile from the business center and at a distance from any other residence, was awakened by his house dog's pawing upon his bed and barking furiously. On looking for the cause of this strange conduct, he discovered that the roof of his house was on flre. The discovery was made iust in time to save his two daughters. who were sleeping in the upper part of the house, quite unconscious of their danger. No assistance or means of extinguishing the flarnes being at hand, the house with most of its contenta was oonsumed. The property was insured in the Washtenaw County Mutual. Wliltmore Lakc Miss Ellen Robinsonleftyesterday for Ypsilanti, to attend the Normal school. Rev.and Mrs. Robinson went to Rochester, Mich., Monday, to attend the funeral of an intímate friend. Miss Jennie Shefler was married to Frank Beardsley, of Howell, at the M. E. church last tlmrsday morning. A chute for carrying icefrom the lake to some point on the railroad is now being constructed of tamarack logs and wind. The Excelsior lyceum has elected the following oflicers: President, D. A. Pray; vice-president, Fre.l. S. Horner; Kecretarv, Lillie Lumbard; treasurer, Emma Taylor; marshal, Fred. Foreman. They annexed Canada last Saturday evening and this week will decide whether the United States were wise in purehasing Alaska. PlttafleM. Miss Hattie Eaton is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Clint. Allmendinger. Mrs. Joseph Hand, ofElyria.O, has been the guest of her frienda, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Warner several weeks. Miss Addie AVilsie has so far recovered from the scarlet fever as to be able to be out, but will not re-enter the school this school year. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sperry and son "received" about twenty-five or thirty of their neighbors on Saturday evening last. The event was entirely unexpected, yet most enjoyable to all who participated in it.


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