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SEX1TK. Washington, Jan. 24.- Tho concurrent resolution forthe counting of the electoral vote on Febmary 13 was passed yesterday. Bills were reported to provide ior taking thecleventti and subsequent censuses, and to protect the interests of the United States in the Samoan Islands. The b.ll to declare unlawful trusts and oom! iaations in reslraint of trade and produclion was considered. Washington, Jan. 25. -In tho Senate yesterday resolutions expressing sorrow over the death of Representativo Burucs (Mo.) were adopted, and au adjournment was taken iu respect to nis memory. Washington, Jan. 2ö. - Atuong the bilis passed by the Senate yesterday wero the following: House billinereasing the maximum oí international money orders irom f-25 to 810;); establishing two additional land distriets in Nebraska; thirty private pension bilis, and the Military Academy, Dictrict of Colum'da and ïJension Appropriation bilis. Adjourned to the 23th. Washington', Jan. 28. - In the House Saturday the Senate substitute for thé Mills Tariff bill was reported and referred to the Ways and Means Committee. The Sundry Civil bill was considered in committee of the whole. Washington, Jan. 39.- A protest from citizons of New Mexico against the admission of that Territory as a State was presented in the Senate yesterday. The bill allowing a pension of twenty-five dollars a month to all women nurses durng the late war (prior to August, 1885) was passed. The Diplomatic and Consular Appropriation bill was further considered. Washington, Jan. 3J. - In the Senate yesterday an amendment to the Consular and Diplomitic Appropriation biil giving to our Ministii'3 abroad the t tle of "Ambassidor" instead of "Envoy Extraordinary and Ministers' Plenipotentiary" was adopted. Senator Shertnan spoke at length on the Samoa diftU'ulty, maintainiug that our right must be aserted. r. Washisotos, Jan. 24. - In the House yesterday the time was occupied in consideiing the üuudiy C vil Appropriation bill. A favorable report waï reoelved from the Committee on Agriculture on the bill to promote the interests of agriculture by irrigation. Washington, Jan. 25. - Suitable resolutions on the death of Ropresentative James N. Bunio-, of Missouri, were adopted, and the House then adj jurned as a mark of respect to nis memory. Washington, Jan. 26. - The time was oecupied iu the House yesterday in discussing the f-undry Civil Appropriation bill. At the evening session tweuty-nine private pension bilis were passed. Washington. Jan. 29- In the House yesterday the Senate bill was passed increasing the pension of soldiers or sailors who have lost both hands to $100 per month. The Sonate concurrent resolution providing for the joint meeting of the two houses of Cjngress on Wednesday, February 13, for the purpose of counting tho doctoral vote, was agreed to. A bill was introduced providing for i;n enabling act t' rthe adraisiioa of tho Territories of Ar:zona, Idaho and Wyoming as States of the Union. Washington, 'Jan. 80. - In the House yes terday a petition of 13,000 citizens of Utah against the admission of that Territory as a State was iiresented. The Suodry Civil Appi-opriation bill was passed. A bill to provide for the better protection of the fur, seal and salmón of Alaska was reported. OTIIEK XOTE3. Washington, Jan. 25.- Tha President has approved billa penisioning at tho rate of f30 a month the wiJowsof Dr. Pavy and Sergeants Cross and Gardiner, who diel while servini under General Greeley in the Arctic regiems. Washington', Jan. 25. - A dispatch has been received at the State Department from Consul Blaeklock at Apia, Samoa, which announces that a large flre had occurred in that place, destroying among other buildings the Germán consulate thero. Tho origin of the flre, he adds, was undoubtedly accidental. Washington, Jan. 26. - Tho House Committee on In aval Aftairs has completed the Naval Appropriation bilí íor 1890. As re ported to the House it appropriates $19.918,577. The total estímate for 1890 was 127,767,277, while the appropriation for the eurrent year was $19,942,835. Washington, Jan. 26. - The Tariff bill as it passed the Senate has been engrossed and compared and is now ready to be transmitted to the House. The bill makes a document of 160 pages of engrossing paper seventeen by thirteen inches ia size. It is estimated to contain upwards of 40,000 words. Washington, Jan. 30. - The PostmasterGeneral has issued a circular to postmasters announcing the passage of the law by Congress which permits of the dispatch of special delivory matter upon which the senders have iuadvertently failed to place the proper postage. The General direct ihat all such matter bc forwarded without delay to the proper destination whero the postage due is to be collected. Washington, Jan. :).- The timo for tho delivory of tho electoral votC3 from the various States cxpired at midnight Monday. No mossenger from Florida has reached the President pro tem. of the Senate with the vote of that State. Washington, Jan. W.- Joseph Black, American Consul at Buda-Pesth, has been recalled for writing a letter criticising the Au3tro-Hungarian Government. Washington, Jan. 30. - Comptroller of the Currency Tronholm has tendered his resignation to the President and left Washington Tuesday nignt for New York Citv, whero ho wili at onc.ï enter upon his duties as tho nowly-electod president of tho American Surcty Company of that city. 5Ir. Jesse D. Abrahams, who for two years past has assisted the Comptroller will at once becomo acting Comptroller, and will undoubtedly continue to fill the position until the close of the present Admimstration. Washington, Jan. 30.- Tho House Ways nnd Means Cpmmitteo referred the Senate Tariff bill to the Treasury Department for information as to the effect the changes contemplated In the bill would have upon tne revenuo.


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