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When fragüe woman sighs, desploriDg The cliarms ihai quickly fade away, Wfaat power, the bloom of health restoring, Can check the pregio-sof decay? The only aid that's worth attention, For patns and lila of sui'h disoription, Thouan1s of women gladly mention - 'Tis "Pierce's Farorfte Prescription." The price o' il ri'Vi'l remedy. Dr. Piecu's FuTorite PrfMTiptio, is but one dollar, Öpeeifio i. r o 1 chrooio ailmpnts aiul wpuknei-se' peculiar to women. The only lor mch maladies, sold by d ugist-", uiider a po-itive guarantee f rom tlie mamifuctuierti, that it will give gatUtictioD or monev le'unded. See nu&rsotee on boale rapper. Large bottle $1. Six foT $5 Merely a rnalitr of opinión - The judge's decisión. Thicf incMi-cl. Ttie news wa received wiih the utmost saiisfaciion by thee Tiunniiity thftt he had terrorizeri; but thaorn m i f a lüsets"! that is íteaiiiiR away a ovni Bi d valued life, 9 au aehievement ihal sbould inspire heartf U erati'udi. Chilinmií, cold exiremitiep, depre.sed spirits, rihI ■ xtrea ely miserable sensdtioüP, with pal", wari features, are the resuits of disonieied k:li!eys and liver. Arrest the cauc -l oee hy takiog Dr. Pierde' Groldeo Mudiual Di.'overy. It is a pnrely vege ale deteotive, that will fe:ret out, and capturo 'he most subtle lung er bh O'i disorder. Diugj;ists. A br:liaut. Interment - Burii.1 of electric wires. REMedV PAiN INJURIES. dO YEARS' CHRONIC PAIXS. SCIATIC RHEUMATISM. THE CURE. AFTER6YEARS. H. Albany St. , Ithac, Ithica, H. T., H. Y., Dec. 19, 1881. Jttly 5, 1887. Tor over 40 y e ars I Suffered many years- IiAv been a vlctim of liJory to bip reraltlng ia RhenmatLm. IwasperrheumaUm, muicular .naded to try St. Jacob. wealMM „ Oil. I have usea twobot.■and a man mor. tm Tw0 iotaa Bt' from rheumatiim never Jlcoli!! 0U Ud mo walked our itreetl. My I "ow walk about limbi that wfro onc. and attend to dally dnttiff and lam. are now ai tiea at 62. X heartily inllght and liinber ai in my don. it. youth. JOS. EDGELL. JOS. EDSELL. CEIPPLED OASES THBOW AWAT CEI7T0HE. CCEEO PEKMANEHTLY. TESTIM0K1AL8 CHEEEFULLT EENEWED. OHUONIC CASES, BEST CnKE8. Sold &; DntaffiMs and Dealert Everywhcre. THE CHARLES A. VOGELER CO., Baltimor, Mi


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