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THE POIJTICAT. FIELD. Sr. Paul, Minn., Jan. 24- W. ' D. Washburn was elected United States Senator yesterday by the Repubhcans in the JLegislature. Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 24.- The Legis. lature yesterday elected Isham G. Harris (Dera.) United States Senator for the third consecutive term. St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 24.- A bilí was iivtroduced in the Legislature yesterday declaring the making or acceptanco of a challenge for a prizeflght to be a penal offense. Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 24.- C. M. Norwood has filed in the JL?gislature a petition prelimiiüiry to contesting the election of James P. E gle as Uovernor. Norwood was the Union Labor candidate for Governor, and was supported generaliy by the Republicans. Easle's majority was over 15,000, but Norwood charges frauds, and claims that a fair invest:gation wiil elect him by 5,670. COLCMBUS, O., Jan. i.- The General Assembl.v has passed the Rannells bill providing that after January 1, 1890, all crimináis in Ohio sentenced to death shall be executed by electricity at the Ohio Penitentiury. The bodies are to be immediately destroyed tliereafter by the quick lime process, unies friends make ademandupon the authorities for the reïnains. , Indianapolts, lnd., Jan. 27.- After a long and heated discussion in the Senate Priday a resolution was adopted to unseat Senator Carpenter. A motion to postpone indefinitely further action on the second división of the report of the majority unseating Ray, the contestant, was also carried, and the seat in the Senate occupied by Carpenter was declared vacant. The Governor will no doubt cali a special election, ancHf this is done immediately ttie seat to which Shelby and Decatur counties is entitled will not be vacant more ttvan two weeks. Carpenter was unseated because of charges of bribery in lus election. Fort Smith, Ark., Jan. 20.- The Indian Territory convention held here Thursday adopted resolutions recommendinc: that Congress grant a Territorial form of government to the Indian Territory and to enfranchise such civilized Indians in the Territory as shall swear to support the Federal constitution. Acgcsta, Me., Jan. 80.- The Legislatura in joint convention elected George L. Beal, of Norway, State Treasurer by a vote of 113 to 3. Pittsbukgh, Pa., Jan. 30- The Timas Charleston (W. Va.) special says: In Democratie caucus Monday night Senator Kenna was uominated, all the Democrats being present. He received thirty-one votes, which is one more than required lo nomínate on the two-thirds rule which was agreed to last night. Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 30.- James H. Berry was re-elected United States Senator yesterday by the Legislature. Evansville, Ind., Jan. 30.- Posey (Rep. ) has been elected to Congress in the First Indiana district overParrett (Dem.) by a majority ranging from 5'jO to 1,000 to flll the vacancy caused by the resignation of General Hovey, now Governor. Indiasapolis, Ind., Jan. 30.- General Harrison worked upon his inaugural Sddress yesterday, and the few perrons wbo called were not permitted to interfere with his labors for any great length of time.


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