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The city taxes are not all collected yet. The Toofany Bros. attachment cases will be heard on Feb. 5. Our dry goods merohants are finishing their anniiHl inventónos th8 wetk. Peter Klein - drunk - Jusüce Pond - 10 days in jail - tenteneed Tnesday. The young ladies of this city are busy preparing their toile!s for the junior hop. Cha?. Edwards has resignad his position as janitor and stage manager of the opera house Our local Mongolians were celebrating the beginning of the Chinese New Year yesterday. The mx year old child of M. Donahue, of the Third ward, died Friday night of diphtheria. The Snow Flake dancing club will give their pnvnte ma;querade at Arraorv hal!, on Feb. 7th. Wm. Feldheiser has been appointed Standard bearer of the Germán workinginens society. W. A. Tolchard is now engaged in keeping books for A. L. Noble and the Electric Light Co. The Egan truss company report this as the most prosperen month's business since the company organized. Ann Arbor commandery gave another pleasant social to their Iriends at their asylum, last Monday evening. The first divorce case that has been contested in this circuit for several years past, was tried Monday and Tueaday. Samuel Rogers was found drunk on the etreets and was sentenced to jail for thirty days by Justice Pond, Thursday. Prof. Henry Wade Rogers has an intere-ting article upon "International Extradiiion " in ihe Forum for February. The official proceedings of the January meeting of the board of supervisors can be found in full in this issue of The Register. Ella J. Barr has brought suit for a divorce from her husband, John F. Barr, charging him with cruelty and support. Marian Atchison secured a divorce from John Atchison yesterday on the ground of cruelty. As usual the parties hail trom Ypsilunti. The first township treasurer to settle with county treasurer Brehm for the state and county taxes, was Lloyd Copklin, of Bridgewater. Julia A. Clark was ranted a divorce by the circuit court, Monday, from Charlea C. C:ark, on the ground ot desertion ai d Eailure to support. Deputy clerk Brown is indexing the mamases in this county since 1828. He expects to have it completed by the time his term of office expires. Rumor says that never ha? there beeD so much gambling in this city and so many dens running a there are at present. This is not as it should be. Diphtheria has broken out in virulent form at Fosters. Three of the Blaisdrll family have been suffering from the maladay and one child died last Friday. Northville commandery of Knights Temlar will visit Ann Arbor commandery on Tuesday evening, Feb. 12th, and exetnpliy the work on the Templar degree. i ■ Thomas Adams, an Englishman, plead guilty to being a vagrant Tuesday, and Jusüce Frueauff sentenced him to the Detroit house oL correction for 80 days. Alexander Cavan, a tramp, made himself a nuisance by begginjr, Tuesday, and was arrested. Justice Frueauff sentenced him to the house of correction for 70 days. D. B. Webster had a finger badly mashed recently while attempting to push an apple down a cow's throat. The apple had become lodged and was choking the cow. Cha=. Kline has been letained by the butchers of this city to represent tbem before the legislature on the bill introduced to protect the butchers of the state. At the Unity Club meeting next Monday evening, Mr. McCabe will give a talk on College de Franje and other French institutioos, after which, Misa I. M. Andiews will read a story. The Land League held a pleasant hop at the hall of the ancient order of Hibernians on Friday evening. About thirty couple danued to the music furnished by the city band orchestra until midmight The report that Ann Arbor commandery, K. T., proposed buildiDg a Club house at Strawberry Lake this sutnmer, is pronounced by the members as false, as they never had the remotest idea of euch project. Next Sunday evening Rev. J. T. Sunderland will give the second leoture of bis courte on " Robert Elsmere and its problems," Subject, "The Gceat Struggle." In the morning Mrs. Sunderland will preach. Edward Bluitt, of Ann Arbor township, died on the 24th, of old age, being nearly 83 years old. The funeral was held at the house Sunday. The deceased was an old pioneer of this county and had lired here fifty years. The proprietors of one of the gambling rooms which has adorned our city, were given notice that they must close up their rooms or a warrant would be issued for their airest. They chose the former and Aun Arbor has one less den of iniquity. Mary Jarndt, a girl that had fallen into evil ways, wa9 brought before Justice Pond, Saturuay, charged with being truant and disorderly. The justice after hearing the csse sentenced her to the Industrial Home for Girls until she is 21 years of age. The girl was taken from the State Public School at Coldwater some yedra ago and adopted by a family named Jarndt, who live in the Third ward. The Michigan Central railroadeompany is harvesting a large quantity of cefrom the river above Corn well's pulp raill. On Friday 98 carloads were shioped. For the first time in the history oL the company all the laborera employed are residents of this place. J. M. Wheeler, H. J. Brown and C. H. Richmond will represent St. Andrew's parish at the meeling of the diocese of Michigan, called at Detroit next Wednesday. The object of the meeting will be tn choose a successor to the late Bishop Hams. George Taylor, of Dexter townsbip, died very suddenly last Sunday evening. He stepped out of' the house to get a little fresh air, and not relurning a search was made and his body was found in the yard. He was 55 years of age and heart disease was the cause of his sudden death. The blind brother and sister, John and Mary MuCay, will give a concert in St. Tnomas school hall, on Monday evening, February 4th. The entertainment will be for the benefit of the school and a large audience should be present as the McCays aremusicians of considerable reputátion. The window of the store in which the attached Toofany Bros. stock is stored, was broken Tuesday night and some artieles that were near by were stolen. Thia is the second time that the store has been broken into, and i( it happens very often there will not be much left for the creditors. A young farmer named Joseph Gaist carne in Irorn Northfield last Thursday, and after imbibing as much liquor as he could hold, put three flasks in Lis pockets nnd started out to have a good time. The cfficers fitially took hirn before Justice Pond, and he was sentenced to pay $1 and coat?, which he did. Justice Frueauff has gained quite a reputátion all over this county for the artistic manner in which he "lies the knot," and parties come from far and near to have him perform the ceremony. The latest applicants were Richard Jeremy and Helen Jacobf", of Milan, who were made happy on Tuesday. Regular monihly meeting of W. C. T. U. at Hobart Hall, Ftfb. fith. As business of importance will be brought before the meeting a full attendance is desired. All persons who have beec circulating the university five mile petitions please bring the same to the meeting. Petitions are being rapidly sent in now. Jacob St. Clair was convicted Saturday of having stolen a half bushei of coal which was in the custody of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan railroad company. Justice Frueauff gave him two houis in which to pay his fine, amounting to $4,84, or be confined in the county jail for 30 days. The fine was paid. The tenth annual meeting of the Michi gan Mutuul Benefit Association of Hillsdale was here Tuesday, January 8. There are now 2,931 members. Twenty-two Iosee3 were paid last year. All the expenses of the y earwere $1 0,909.23. Thirteen assessments were made. About two dozen people in this city belong to this organizition. Sunday school teachers and others interested in Sunday school work in this county, are invited to meet at the residence of Supt. W. S. Perry, Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. M. H. Reynolds, of Owosso, secretary of the state Sunday school association, will be present. A county convention will probably be prepared for. Dr. Wallace Radcliff, of Detroit, delivered the address before the Tappan hall association in the lecture room of the Pre8byterian church, last Monday eveninp, hig subject being "Applied Obristianity." The lecture next Mocday evening will be delivered by Dr. Howard Duffield, upon "The Bitile." The audiences attending these meetings are large. Mayor Beakes visited Lansing last Thursday and stirred up the comtnittee having our new charter in charge. He explained some minor points to them and the eommittee then reported the charter back to the señare favorably, without a dissenting vote. The members expressed themselves regarding the charter, saying that it is one oí the strongest documents ever presented. A crowd of small boy? were attracted by a tub full of live lobsters which a State streei grocer sat out in front of his etore last Saturday. The boys became too inquisitive and one of them let a lobster take hold of his finger. He won't do it again, however, as the lobster hung on l:ke grim death, and it was some time before he could be forced to let go of the boy's finger. In 1877 John C. Andreep, an aged farmer living in Saline, sold bis farm on very easy terms to his son, John Peter Andrees, the deed not to take effect as the old man says in his bill filed, until after his death. Ha also claims that a memorandum was made part of the deed which provided that the son should manage the farm and give the father one-third of the gross product until his death. The father claims that these terms are not lived up to and asks the circuit court to set it right. The opera house was crowded to the doors on Saturday night, the attraction being Harkins and Granger's amateur minstrels. The entertainment given by our local "funny-men" was equal to that of professionals. The hits of the evening were made by Harkins and Granger in thfir eongs and dances ; Ed. O. Come, swinging Indian clubs ; Schumacher and Hangsterfer in burlesque trapere performance; Bruce St. James in vocal solo, and the Big Four in songs and dances. The only thing to mar the entertainment was the tedious stage waits. The board of supervisors concluded at their October session that the lot on which the jail is situated was too small, and a cotminttee was appointed to negotiate with V. M. White for the land adjoining on Second st. For some time the committee could not get Mr. White to state his price, but last week they received an offer of the land, 60 feet front and 90 feet deep, for $5,000. The committee begin to think that property is worth fomething at Ann Arbc-r and it wonld not be surprisicg iL they suggested to the board the advisability of raising our valuation again. Margarette F. Schaí'er, wife of Charles F. Sch'afer, of N. Alain st., died Tuesday, of pneumoni, aged 53 years. A. J. Sawyer obtained an order frcm the supreme court Tue&day, ordering the Washtenaw circuit jmige to show cause why a mandamus snou'd not be Issaed dismissing the atta'ehment made by Co'terill upon the property of Mrs. Olive E. Friend and W. E. Howard. The final hearing will be held on Feb. 5th. Martin Clark expects to enjoy a delioious smoke on a fragrant Havana which will be furnished at the expense of J. T. Jacobs. The latter gentleman ofifered to buy the beat cigar possible for Mr. Cl uk ifhedidn't name five members of President Harrison s cabinet. Mr. Jacobs named Blaine, Allison, Alger, Wanamaker and Estee. The addre-s of Prof. Henry Wade Rogers at the M. E. Ohurch on Sunday evening last, r.chly deserved the favorable attention which it received from a large and appreciatite audience. It set forth in forcible languagethe ennobling effects of chiistiarity upon human progres?, emphasizing expecially its eifeot upon liberty, law, literature and art. The New York Herald says in an article on female beauty : ''Tbe great actress, ZNI i - s Jane Coombs, has this divine gift in a very rare degree. In classical perfection of features, in depth of refinement of expre.-sion, in perfection of fonn and grace of movement, ..he pre.íents a beautiful completeness. It is no reproach to exaggeration to say that she is the most beautilul woman on the American stage. If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, a truly beautilnl woman in a public profession is a public benefaction." On Wednesday morning, at 11:30 o'clock, Dr. Walter A. Cowie, of Ontario, and Miss Abbie E. Burgesser, of this ciiy, were united in marriage at the Episcopal church, Rev. Dr. Earp performuig the ceremony. The bride is well known here, having lived with her grandmother, Mrs. S. Tomlinson, for years. Mr. Cowie is a gradúate of the medical department and has practiced his profession in Ontario, during the past year. The Couple left for a visit to Ohio on the noon train. They will make their home in Texas.


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