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A. J. Sawyer was in Chelsea over Sunday. Otto Behr, of Detroit, spent Sunday in this city. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Blilz spent Sunduy at Detroit. G. Frank Allmendicger is at Lansing on business. Mr?. Warren Wadhams ia visitnig her parents in Lima. J. Z. Batton, of Philadelphia, spent Sunday with 0. S. Millen. D. C. Fall and wife left yeaterday f'or Albion to visit his mother. Capt. McGilyray, of the U. S. army, will inspect Co. A, Monday evening. Míbs Stella Steinfeld, of Detroit, visited her aunt, Mr?. 8. S. Blitz, las.t week. Miss Mattie Lovejoy, of Detroit, is visiting her sister, Mis. A. C. Kellogg. Míbs Owen, of Y)silant, has been visiting Miss Minnie iioehm on Washington st. Charles Reddelsheimer and wife, spent Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Blitz. Wm. J. Hanford, of New York city, was the guest of "Jim" Goodspeed last week. Jacob Armstrong, of Detroit, spent Wednesday with his parents in Lower Town. Mrs. Dr. Stowell returned from Washington last Saturday, much improved in healtb. J. Thompson, formerly local editor of the Alpena Pioneer, was in the city yesterday. A. L. Noble has been confined to his house during the past week. Too much vaccination. Mrs. Prof. de Pont will eotenain a number of friends with a euchre party toinorrow evening. PreBÍdent Angelí returned home Saturday from Lapeer, where he lectured the previous evening. Albert Crane, a Grand Rapids attorney o} souie note, had a case in the circuit eourt here this week. A surprise party was given to Henry Schneider of this city last evening by about 25 of his friends. B. J. Conrad was in Detroit Tuesday, attending the snnual meetine of the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co. Miss Edith Lindenman, of' Detroit, is ppending a week here as the guest of Min Lizzie Brehm, on W. Liberty-st. Dr. T. J. Sullivan, formerly of this city, has been appointed ODe of the surgeons of the Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Col. E. W. Bowen, ltt Reg't, M. S. T., and his wife were the guesls of Capt. S. W. Millard, of Company A, yesterday. The reception given by Mrs. Pres. Angell on Monday evening was a pleasant affair, and a largo i.umber were present. Mrs. Chas. Callaghan, who has been visiting her parents in this city for several months past, returned to Chicago Tuesday. Prof. H. R. Arnd will return from California about the middle of February, and resume his work in the Homoeopathio college. Ed Worden, of San Francisco, stopped over for a day last week to visit his parents in this city. He went to New York from here. W. W. Worden, who left Ann Arbor about fifteen months ago to make his home at San Francisco, returned last Thursday to visit his parents for several weeks. He speaks in glowins terms of California and the great opportunities there. The Boston Herald says of Jane Cxmbs who will appear in "Bleak House" in Ann Arbor Feb. 6: "Thus a person with a fioe voice is one to be cherished as an example. Irfluence is feit in all socioty. The gteat actress, Miss Jane Coombs, has a voice that, ina6much as we have htard none superior to it, we may cali the perfection of the vocal organ for a woman', All símiles of clearnesa and sweetnessj puch as silver belle, ilutes and po on, wouM oi:ly dispnrage ila divine quality. If thp public display of t!)i. charming gift can ha'e ar y influenoe in cultivating the voice, tfaia arti-te is a public benefactor. Imitation and emulation have niuch ïnfluence on every kind of development. In a eountiy where the general voic3 is inferior, it is necessary t.o mpress t:pon the general mind the va'ue of a good voine, ard to stimulate it to cultivation and emolatinn."


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