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i f. iĆ¼ijri ANNUAL GREEN HET 8ALE OF Dry Goods, Cloaks and Shawls WILL COMMENCE Timiiimmssg Clearing np at Tremendous Sacrifices a Stock of over $30000. Absolute Slaughter of Cloaks, Shawls, Satins, Dress Goods and Plushes, winding up the Blankets and Comfortables, Downright Slaughter of the Remaining ones. SILKS- , of every description almost on a par with Wool values. No Bargains like theml Lowest in the history of business. DRY GOODS ARE BT7STED.- These facts you should understand and think about before too hasty purchases. WE DO NOT CARRY OVER from one season to another if any kind of a price will sell it. WE ARE GOING TO SELL 810,000 WORTH OP MERCH ANDISE DUR ING THE MONTH OF JANUARY. THE GREEN TICKET WILL DO THE WORK. - Every Housewife, every Boarding House MatroD, every Hotel Man, every Farmer, every Mechanic, Everybody, Man, Woman or Cbild wanting Dry Goods this winter, Cheaper than you ever can get them again, 3Lust attond this Sal8. Clean Meroiless Sweep of Plushes, Blaok and Colored Henriettas, Plaid and Striped Dress Goods, Broadcloths, Trimmings and Braids, everything flrst-class. Buy your Winter Goods now. Buy your Hosiery and Qloves now. Buy your Ootton and Wool Underwear now. Buy your Household Goods for Spring now. Buy your Embroideries and Laces now. Buy your Cottons for Spring Sewing now. Buy them now. With asaving almost beyond belief. This will be a grand time to mingle with Towels, NapkinB and Table Linens. 38 doz. Large Huck Linen Towels will be offered during this Sale at 16c each; were25c. Clearing up a lot of over 75 Pairs Elegant Lace Curtains at half price. 45 Pieces Table Linens, 18 Pieces Turkey Red Table Damask, AH markcd with the Green Ticket. GBEAT OFFERINGS IN OT7R OLOAK ROOM, GO UP.- 200 Elegant Plush Sacques and Jackets at 1-4, One Quarter Off, 1-4, which zneans lesa than cost. 100 Stylieh Plain, Plain and Braided Ladies' Oloth Newmarkets at 1-4, One Quarter Off which means less tha n Oost. All Misses' and Children's Gai ments to be closed out at 1-4, One Quarter Off, which means less than Coat. A very little amount of money will buy a good warm servicable Oloak. Remember there is over $3OOOO woith of Drees Goods, Shawls, Cloaks, Blankets, Flannels, Silks, Linens and Cottons. IN THIS IMMENSE SALE, THOTJSANDS OF BARGAINS FOR ALL. This is our time for selling. This is our Slaughter time I This is your time to buy of us at prices lower than any mortal in the land will dare to sell Merchandise. D. F. SCHAIRER.


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