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D. I,. DOWD'S " HOME F.XERC1SKK.' ■■PÜRBRRJI BralnWorkers and Sedenf H '("■; PenpU ; l' -uá ■ Gentlemen, Laiies and Youths; W f T I ■ the Athleteor Invalid. A comP.wSfl I plote gymnasium. Takes up CLLn ' sil ilu'lles "Jiare floorttóH rnom : Fomethinf? ni1, scit-n■ tiflc, duratite, comprehensiva, cheap. Indorsed by twenty thousand Physicians. Lawyers, C'lerg.vmeTi, ! Editors and others now oslng it. Send for illustrated circular, forty engravingn. no charge. ! Prof. I). L. Dowd. Physical and Vocal Culture, 9 i E. 14th Strt-et, New-Vork. ■ ■ ni LV HJ L M men to scll uur % Hl I iMVI F nigoodsbysaraple mflkkwITILillto the whoïe■ ■-alc ati'l i-cinll Made. are the lariri'st inri i : 11 1 ;i i-I ui-ers in our line. Eodoafi twoeentstamp. Sl permanent vvappq poaltlon. No atteonun pald i"lT IKi-ítüi '■:ivls. M'iiii'yaclvimcnlffn fot i;ivf-, .Hlcr(i-i!iLr. i'i'UUiUM CentenL;nl,,frfaoCormg PER DAY. Drunkenness Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured BY ADMINISTERINO DR. HAIRES' GOLDEN SPECIFIC. It can be given In a cup ol cottee or tea, or in articles ot lood, without the knowledge of the peron taking it; it Is absolutely harmless and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patiënt is a moderate drinkeroran alcoholic wreek, it NEVER FAIL8. WeGUARANTEE a complete cure in every instance. 48 page booK FREE. Addressln confldence, GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Race St„ Cinclnnati, 0 VÍ7""#'"li' f'otton Koot Cnmpound.- Com. MÓêSSx? l'osod o ('otton Root. Tansy nnd PennymmSfSüi roval. Sn-c-"ñ'ly ■'' montlily. Safe, H aHST Kfrei'tnal. nc's.Mit. 1 livniatl, orlrng lF r iits. scnW'í1 Hrs.titainn'ï. leadles J -H, ad.l.-B PONO II v OOMPANV, Sold in Ann Arbor Ijy all drugglsts. Ï9 the oldest and most popular nclentifle nnd mechanical paper publlshed and has the larcent ctrcutation of any paper of ite clans in the world. Fnlly llustrated. Best class of Wood KngraTings. Published weekly. gend for specimen copr. Price f3 a year. Four month' trial, tl. MUNN & CO., PUBLI8HEU8. 361 Broadwaj, N.Y. ARCKITECTS &. BUILDERC Edition of Scientific American. O A ffreat succens. Each issue contains colored lithoKrapnic platee of country and city residenees or public buiMintfs. Numeroua engravingB and full plan? and npeciHcations for the use ol suchas contémplate buil ding. Price $2.50 a year, 25 ets. acopy. MUNN & CO., Publishkrs. UAl liNTSfe ■ 0 years' experience and have made ovei ■ ÏOO.U) applicatlnnn for American and Forelw patents. Send for Handbook. CorreBpondence strictly confldential. TRADE MARKS. In case your mark la not reglstered In the Patent omce, apply to MUNN & Co., and procure lmmediate prutection. Send for liandbook. COPYRIGHTS for books, charta, map. etc, qulckly procured. Address 9IUNN CO., Pntrnt Solirllom. GENERAL OFriCK: 361 BKOADWAY, N. T


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