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If any dealer saya he ïias tne W. t. DonKla Shoes without name and prlce ■tamped on thobotton, put him down as fraud. J Br : '-■ ■■■'-'■ TtÍm W. L. DOUCLÁS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Bent in the world. Examine his S 50 PÓLICE AND 'ABSPJFfSrmF 3.50 KXTKA VAI.ITK CAI.F SHOl. 3.25 WOBKINOVAN'8 SI JOK. _„___ SaoÓaiul 1.75 BOYS' SHIOOI, SHOES. All made In Congress, Button and Lace. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE lafdires. Best Material. Best Style. Beat FlttlnC U ygffoiaSïSSSScKIOK. MA88. WM. RÜiiVHAftuT & CO., 42 S. Sf A1X STRKET, Ann Arbor. fewXdvertisements TO ADVERTISERS A list of 1000 newspapers dividcd into STATES AND SECTJONS will be sent on application - To 'thöse who want their advertising to pay, we can otter uo betUjr medium lor ihorougn nd effective work than the varióos sections of our UKO. P KOWF.LI. 4 ro., Newspaper Adyertising Ruresu. 10 Spruce street. New ork. YELLOW SIGNS. YELLOW TUBS Use "Peerless Brand" li tll I 'lOltl FRESH RAW OYSSERS. Selectd and packed with cleanliness and care by C. H. PEARSON & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. Thy ut The Bt. Ai ?oat 5e f "■ WANTED ! Special-News ('ORBEÜPOK DKitTS to represent leading English and American papers. Previous experience not absolutely neceeseary. Most liberal terms for good service. Address, with stamp, European-American Press Association, No. 1 Uplon St., Boston, Mass., U. S. A. - r- r r f -eauiifiil :inna;mon l I 1 V Vine Bulb given away X - l Wiih every order. For II l.particularssee our Seed Jl- L.L VI'Aml,ml; „vit SBU illustratiuns, sent fiee. S. M. ISBELL & CO., 126, 17 and 129 W. Pcarl Street, Jackson, Mich. GALESMEN WANTET) O ivniiiiiKiii HilaatMM guaranteed ■■ Snlnry and ExptlMCI Ipaicl. Special induremviita to begim.ers. Aiiy man eau kucwed withonrailvaiiuiKesmidqnick-selliiiR special ties. o, free. Wrlle at itivinit HRe. II0.....1 iirs rif. (cstablished 1835) Roí 11 rstf.r. N "" (Nmpthia paper.) Send25cforself-inking pocket stamp (Retail price. 50c.) and full directions for making Kl'BBER 8TAMPS, with doscription of appa ratus used and compound for makii.g the moulds. An Improved prnccss. All kinds of ?tamp6 Seals, &c.. made 10 order at reasonable rates. Write at once, it wUl pay you. Boardman Stamp Worksjolcdo, Ohio I h.rl.ixll Non. Añil Al'lior. suppl.v fronT'ar'jFrar.ce, act only upnn the senemtive orgTnshilé posiü cure s'.presS,,n nf the menses (froni whatever (aiise.) and all periodical trouble peculiar to ornen. A safe, reI al le nmedy war antecl to menstruaSn or Soney refir deri BÉoulrt DOt be used i.irii.L' nreKiiancy. The íme prpponton of ls W whuh fac losare Hable 1 .he dtieot result of a druseist, Ann Arbor. AMI-KK.AN PILI, tu., Spcníer.' iowa. BoMBT Stevknson & to., Wholesale Agents. Chiraeo. By ANDRUS BROWN Wanfofl of Peru. The Richest TldlIlCU man n South America. Send name a and addross with 2-cent stamp forfull .... ■ particulars to Ufifp f JAMES BROWN. Wwllv ■ p 0. EoilC6Cleveland,Q MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. niind wanilfrin cured. EverT obild and adult reatly b"'"Í"dGroat inducemontB to Oorrespondence Ols.


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