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poyou ? fijer? gek tl). ÍÍÍnZES UoflESTY I I Qenuinehasa Med H tintagon eVery plug. OLDHONESTYisacKnowledged to be tVe purest and niost lasting jpiece of Standard Chewincj Tobacco onthemarKet.Trxmg itis a better test thanany talK about it. Giveitafair trial. Your dealer has t. JÍW). FIKER & BROS., Louisville, Ky INSURANCE, REAL ESTÁTE AND LOAN AGENCY OF A. W. HAMILTON Offices, No. 1 and 2, First Floor, Hamilton Blook. Partles desiring to buy or sell Real Estáte wlll ftnd lttotheir advantage to cali on me. I repreent the followlng flret-class Fire Insurance Companles, havlng an aggregate capital of oveí 58,000.000: The erand Baplds Fire Ins. c.-' The Ohlo Farmer's ín. Co., (insures only dwelllutcs). The Merman Fire Ins. ,O., The í'oiicordla Fire Ins. o., The CtUzen' Flre Ins. - The Wertchestcr Flre lus. r The Milwaukee Mcchanlc's Mutual FTLeIÑ2WtH'ampshlre Flre Ins. Ce, The Amaion Fire Ins. Co. Ratea Low. Loeaes Uberftlly adjusted ni oromptly paid. I algo issue Life and Investmeut Policies In the Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Company. Aaíets 65,000,000. Persons desiring Accident Insurance, can have yearly Policies written for them oí Iravelert Coupon Insurance Ticket issued at Uw Rates in the Standard Accident Insurance Companj of North America. Money to Loan at Currem Rates. Office hourefrom SA.M.toWM. and 2 10 . M. ALBX. W. HAMILTON, Karollton Block TOCE 9PCw TOE WLDWlTCIpnpp rPxasSv w"iirKrr j wÊÊIÈêF2Êï%W eqirviíaoVEPEesOBi jLülOL-JJ' -iJaHr tneftch locllty cn enre ons IEL, . rk'.lVMJife- FREE. Howi8thÍBpoilblI SHMlWiBflB We tnswer - w wnt on per5"' mim vLgL B0q Id ech lorlity, to keep la 10 Mío who m.7 ' Itoí.the J become yonr on PJJ"'' 11 I. poHlbl lo m.k. ili re. offor, Modín U " th" iïmple. 1 loe. JIIT. lw.p re.nlu n fcr ift.r ó ..mple b..T. been In loc.llty (or month or two "eV".lrom tOOO to 6OOO In Ir.d. rm tb. ■orronndlní Tlilfc Ib. mo.l wonderrol f" knotrn.l. Ín ord.r h.t oor .niple. m.r be pled t onoe wbere fcer !n be een,, 11 OT.r Arntrlct Wrlte .1 onc, .nd SlrturVof U.eehMe. Be.d.rlt wlll beb.rdlj.n, troobl. fc, roi lo .how b...n, m u lbo who m.y c.11 .1 yoor bom. nd i your r.w.rd wlll l n)o.t ..tlitwtory. A po.t.1 o.rd oo blch to wrlt. M oo.t. b 1 cnt .nd n.r yon "5" i1''!? o nol c.r. to jo fortb. .wbynob.rml. done. But lf yon 4o HDd yonr .ddr-e, yon o.n .nre rE oftb. beat olldjold w.Mtullil Ib. world ndonr Urte lln oí coaTL-v Bmn m: w. p.y .11 "P"'r"1ÍMlíïddi.i. OIO. 8TOH0 i 00., Box 11,T0Stla1(D, AIB LÜMBEB LXJMBER! LUMBER! f you oontemplate building oall ai I FERDON Uil Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., anó get our figures for all kinds ot LTJMBEE We manufacture our oirn Lumbei and sruarantee VERY LOW PRIOES 3-Give as a eall ml we wlll make m .o (ar interest, as or large and wlfl g ráded stocU fnlly snstalns oor asse'1 tlon. JAKES TOLBKBT, Fropij T. J. KJ5KM. Nnpt. ÏHIS P APEE EKeKsT


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