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Real Estate Transfers

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Thomas White to Austin M. White et al. (Wlll) United States to Levi P. Pratt, Mauchester Uniteet States to Willet Marshall, Sharon _ United States to Josiah Sabin, Manchester Edward A. Wallace to James N. Wallace, Ypsi 1 James N. Wallaco to Edward A. Wallace, Ypi 1 JacoD Weber to G J. Weber, Lodi 1 facib Weber to Jacob Weber. jr., Lodi 1 iaeob jr. andGeo J. Wtber to Jacob Weber, Lodi 1 Geo. W. Healy (by sheriff) to Martin Seabolt, Anu Arbbr Ann (iibson to William Qibson et at, Ypsi, final account Isaac Warner to Alvina Warner, Anu Arbor 200 8eth sne to Eliza Root. Ypsi 600 lohn Downs (by sheriff) to John O'Uara, Ann Arbor Patrick Kavanaugh to Julia McKinstry. Ypai -... 50 Jno. W. Van eleve, jr., to Julia A. MeKinstry, Ydbí 1 Peter Miller (by heire to Jno. W. Van Cleve.jr., Ypsi 15 C. Tiplady, et al. (by c. c. c.) to Thomas Bimet, Dexter 7,000 John Smalley to Geo. H. Smalley, MancheBter 600 Carrie Hathaway to E. N. Hathaway, York - 8 Meyer and Boduer to Jno Geo. Schmid, ha ine 300 Harlow H. Howe to C. G. Taylor, Ann Arbor 1,120 O. W. Sutton to M. and M. Marken, York.. 4,000 Thos. H. Geer to Laura A. Leonard, Ann Arbor 2,500 David M. Uhl to W. H. Lay, Ypsi 4,400 Allie B. Wilkinson to A. E. Showennan, Ypsi 850 W. D. Roehm to David Linsley. Bridgewater 2,800 Marian E. ömlth to Lucetta Witherspoon, Ypsi 1,000 Jno. J. Wellhoffto P. J. Wellhoff, Sharon.. 535 P. J. Wellhoff (by ex.) to J. J. Wellhoff, Sharon - 685 Catherine Reyer to E. F. Smith, Brldgewater 1,200 Horace C. Osborn to Ellen Osborn, Scio... 1,050