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Fred. H. Belser, as president of tl. e council, wielJed the gavel prompl'y at 8 o'clock Monday eveninir, and the new common council came to order. Tne retirinff aldermen, Messrs. Sutherland, Wines, Hammond, and Kearns, were replaced by Aid. Dieterle, Snow, Spafibrd, and A. F. Martin. Mr. Kearns closed six years of service as alderman, and retires with the good will of all. The other gentlemen have served one term each, and have been useful members of tne council. The council now stands as followg : First ward, Almendinger, R, Dieterle, R. Second ward, Herz, D., C. Martin, D. Third ward, Spokes, R., Snow, D. Fourth ward, Miller, D., O Mará, D. Fifth ward, Ware, R., Spafford, ü. Sixth ward, Barker, R., A. F. Martin, R. President Belser. D. Attorney J. C. Knowlton appeared, and by unanimous consent spoke in regard to the action of the council in ordenng the tearing down of Hugh McGuire'a property suppoeed to stand on High-st. The city surveyor had reported the linefor High-st. at a previous meeting, and if the line is correct, Mr. McGuire's residence partly stands in High-st. At the meeting on Thnrsday evening the council ordered the chairman of the street committee to tear down or remove all of Mr. McGuire's property in High-st., and, aceompanied by the city marshal as a body guard. Mr. Sutherland has torn down the fence and removed a coal shed. Mr. Knowlton considered it rather a summary proceeding, even if the council was right and the land does belonir to the city ; but if the land belongs to Mr. McGuire, he intimated that the city couldn't earn money any faster than by settling the matter with him. Mr. McGuire had lived there 29 years, and he didn't believe a court of justice would permitsuch operations apainst his comfort without a hearing. A committee consieting of Aid. C. Martin, Spokes and Ware, was appointed to investígate all phases of the subject, and to report April '22. President Belser announced committees as followg: Finance, Miller, Allmendinger, Ware. Streets, C. Martin, Barker, Spafford, O'Mara, Dieterle, Snow. Sidewalks, O'Mara, A. F. Martin, Herz, Dieterle, Spokes, Ware. Firo Department, Ware, Miller. A. F. Martin. Water Works, C. Martin, Allmendinger, Snow. Ordinance, Alimendinger, Miller, Spafford. Lighting, Herz, Spokes, Barker. Pólice, Spafford, Spokes, O'Mara. License, Snow, G. Martin, Barker. Parks, Dieterle, Herz, A. F. Martin. Aid. Miller offered the following, which was adopted: Whereas, The rscorder's reports for a series of yeara have been incorrect, and it is now lmpossible without great expense to obtain correct balances in each of the funda for the book of the city clerk; therefore be it ICetulvctl, That all warrants drawn on the city treasurer before the fitst day of April A. D., U88, now unpaid and a legal claim upon the city are 'nerehy cancelled and the city treaturer is lnstructed noi to pay the same. Resolvea, That all orders isued before April 1, A. D. 1888, yet unpaid nd a legal claim agatnst the city will be reimued upon preseniatlon to thls counciL It was decided to tempt John R. Miner with $25 to go over the city's accounts. Aid. Ware offered a resolution to put the etreet and sidewalk work into the hands of Nelson J.'Sutherland as street commissioner till May 1, when the appointment would be made by the board of public works. It was urged that it would be five weeks before the board of pub lic works would be appointed and organized. The resolution was adopted, and it was understood that Mr. Sutherland would work nnder the direction of the street committee. Aid. O'Mara moved that the resolution granting J. T. Jacobs permission to erect an outside stairway be reconsidered and referred back to the committee. It was carried. Two more petitions for stairways were received Monday evening, and the council was frightened. The intention evi Jencly is to shut down on such stairways. Aid. C. Martin, A. F. Martin, and Ware were appointed a committee on liquor bon ds. _____


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