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He Was Honorably Discharged

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The trouble wbich originated last fall between Mrs. A. A. Terry and T. F. Hill on Division-st., about the boundary line between the two lots and the placing of some god and dirt on Mr. Hill's side of the line, will be remembered as leading to the commencement of a suit by Mrs. Terry for $25,000 damages. Mre. Terry, not contented with that, besieged the prosecuting attorney to begin prooeedinga against Mr. Eil!, which finally he did. Before Justice Pond on Monday Mr. Hill was arraigned on the charge of assault and battery with intent to do great bodily harm. That charge is a very serious one, and the offense can be punished by ten years imprisonment. As Mr. Hill is one of the best known citizens in Ann Arbor, the case excited much interest. His numerous friends looked upon it as a good joke on "Tom," and cracked many a jest at his expense, of course not believing for a moment that he had committed even a comnon assault, much lesa that he was guilty of the crime charged. Charles R. Whitraau was his attorney, and he eucceeded on cross examination in making a sad jnmble of Mrs. Terry's story. Miss Dunsler, however, gave testimony that was unghaken by Mr. Whitman, but that witness stood 100 feet away at the time of the fraons, and ene tnight have been mistaken in some ot the details, while two witneeses, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Oatler, who also saw the whole affair, swcre posiiivfly that Mr. Hill did not strike Mrs. Terry, but mert-ly knocked a can out oí her hands to prevent her throwing the dirt in his lace. Dr. W. B. Smith, who is Mrs. Terry's atttnd'.ng physician, testified to the bruises she had for two weeks aftpr this trouble. Mr. Rooney, oí the Fifth ward, was a witness for the proaecution, but his teetimony benefitted the defensa. Justice Pond discharged Mr. Hill. as it was evident that the testimony would not warrant tending the csse to the circuit court.


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