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Scientiöc men see no reason why the spat of human life may not be extended to a round hundred years from the present limit of seventy to eighty years. The age to which persons lived varies in the Old Testament chronology. From Adam's time to that of Methuselah and Noah, men are recorded as attainine to well nigh the age of 1,000 yeara. The Psalmist David, however, gayB: "The days of our age are threescore years and ten; and though men be so strong that they come to fourgcore years, yet is their strength then but labor and sorrow; so soon passet h it away, and we ai e gone." This wide margin of longevity, together with proper observance of mental, moral and physical laws, leads investigators to believe it is possible that human life might be made to increase in length of days to a full century, at least. Moderation and regulanty 111 eatinc, drinking and sleeping, are condueive to longevity, and those who observe proper habits and use pure and efficacious remedies when eick, may accomplish immense labor with no apparent fnjury to themselyes and without foreshortening fheir lives. Hon. H. H. Warner. President of the Rochester, N. Y, chamber of commerce. and manufacturer of the celebrated Warner's Safe Cure, has devoted much time and research to this subject of loneevitv. and h;is arrived at the tory conclusión that Ufe rnay be prolonged, and man's virile powers increased and presetved at the same time by rational and natural means. Thousand8 of persons are living to-day- enjoying the blessing of perfect health and vigor- who will testify to the almost magical efflcacy of Warner's Saté Cure in restoring them to physical potency and to the normal type of contitution, after they had almost given up hope of life. After middle age, many begin to lose their wonted vigor of body, and thereupon give w.iy to inertness and useless repining. Yet all such have within reach that which both renews youth and contributes to the prolongation of Ufe. Warner's marvelous Safe Cures are in every drug store, andaré now regarded as standard specifica throughout the world. The Btrong desire to attain old age-meantime retaining the virile powers of body and mind - is neceesarily connected with the respect paid to aged persons, for people would scarcely desire to be old, were the aged neglected or regarded with mere sufferance. That is a high civilization in which age is made a source of distinction. Of all marks of respect, that to age is most willingly paid, because every one who does homage to age may himself, eventually, become an ohject of such homage. ________


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