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Hands Of Prominent Women

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Kate Field has the hand of the gypsy. Clara Morris has a hand so soft that it seenis to molt away in your rlasp. Mr. Hodgson Burnett has an angular hand, aot averse to holding the reins. Lotta has a supple littlo hand, which always seenis as ready to cuff as to caress. Amelie Rives has a facile hand, more in harmony with the "quick" thaii the "dead." Fanny Davenport has a fat, chubby hand, covered with oases of dimplos and diamonds. Mrs. General Logan's hand lingers in yours as if soining to say : " I'm in no hurry to go." Mrs. Harriet Beccher Stovve has a thin, sinewy hand. expressive of great nervous energy. Mrs. Langtry's hand is as dolicately veined as a leaf , and makes one loth to part witli it after ctaspldg it. Mrs. James Brown f'otter has a slonder hand, witb shapely digits, which are daily manipulated by a manicure. Despite its jewels ModjeskaV hand shows marks of early struggles. Hls a strong, haod, however, full of character. The hand of Ella VVheeler Wilcox looks as if the good, hard shake of a brawny hand would ciush it, bones and all. The synunetry of Adelina Paui's hand is lost sight of in its dazzling disilay of jewols. She speuds a fortune in gloves. When "Marión Harland" puts her plaiu, honest hand in yours she seenis to say: "Here's niy hand, and my heart's not far off." The only mark f difïereuce betwecu Sara Bernhardl's hand and a skeletou's is that one is invested with flesh and blood and tho other isn't. The whiu-in-sí. oi Mi-s. llurntt I,aneJohnson's hand is the envy of all her young acquaintances. It Ls a hand that would grace a scepter. Mrs. Commodore üahlgren bas the sort of hands hioh, if tbey were a mau's, oould conquer lions. They are neither large uor sinall, but forceful. Mrs. Krank leslie has a seusitive hard, whoso touch inakes the blood bouud faster through one's veias. Slio is suthority on the subject of gloves. Miss Frunces E. Willard a good, honest hand, whose hearty grosp seems an echo of the cordial greeting whlch she U-stows on ail whom sho nieets. Mrs. Benjamin Harriaon baa a ginxl, mothrly hand, madu lor use. lt has boen a true and tiusty 'ompauioii in its lamily relations,


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