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Ifany dealer naya he uaatne W. T,. TVHiglM Shoeft without imiuf aud prlce fttampea on the bottoin, put him down ha a Craud. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 bnüt GENTLEMEN. Best in th world. Examine lii S.OO OENriNK HAND-8EWED SHOE. S4.00 HAND-SKWKU WKI.T SHOK. S3.50 l'OI.ICE AND FAKMEKS' SHOK. 2.50 KXTRA VAI.UK l'ALF SHOK. 82.85 WOKKINBMAN'S SHOK. 82.OO and 1.75 BOVS' SCHOOL SHOES, AU made in Conijress, Button and Lace. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE LADRES. Bet Material. Best Style. Beet Fitting. It aot sold by your dealer, write __W. l. DOIJGLAS, BKOCKTOX. MASS. WM. RElYHARDTT"CÖ7f 42 S. HAIX STKF.r I'. Ann Arlinr. Ñew Ádvertisements TO ADVERTISERS Alt8tofl000 newspapersdlvtded into STATES AND SECTIONS will be seut ou application - KREK. To those who want their adrerti.siiiK to pay, we can offer no beller medium lor thorough and ciïecllve work than the urinas sectiom of our Svlevt i.ixih List. SEO. P kowki.i. CO., Newspaper Advertising Bureau. 10 Spruce street, New York. WANTED ï Special-News 'ORRESPONDEXTS to repretent lcadiDg KuglUh and American papers. I'reviou experience iiot;absohitely iu ceessary. Most liberal terms for good service. Address, wilh stamp, European-American Press Association, No. 7 Upton 8t, Bosto, Mass., V. S. A. " f I" f f Peamiful Oinnamon V1 I IV Ville Kulb GIVEN AWAY I" ■ I I m witl' every order. For I il I fl 1 . parlieiilars see our Seed - ■" VlAm,uai; „ver 28U illustratious, K;nt fiee. 8. M. i CO., 3; 125, 127 and ]■ W. Piatl Street. Jackko.s, Mich. CALESMEN WANTET) KJ l'eriiiniient NiliiRlionN guarantevd -' inlnry mul ExXiinn pnial. Special induc 'ments ïo beginrers. -Aiiy mal: can suceded withnuradvantaees snd (iiiicksellingspecialtiea. Oullit Irri'. Urili' m nee etvlnir '- IIoo er KnrHvrirH, (eslablished 1835) Rorn KTniNÏ. Niunetlii paper.) PV..1 Hir+1 VMH1UUTANY EXCErbI166u McLal TION tlie bet Iji the .immm world. Absnltiteiy rain _,_____,_ mmm, ktnriu and Sic prc'Of. uQTTTTuItT RS üy ■'i'püed. Artl-tir in dXlirtW JÜLiW fliilihaud at pricesthot, in many purts of the country, compete sucoessfullywith wood ahlngle. Illu-tmud catalogue and pricea free. Tha National Sheet Hetai Roofisg Co„ 510 Kfutt 20tli t.. New York t'Ity. Send 25c forself-inking pocket stamp (Retail price. 50c.) and fuli direotionJ for making RUBBER STAMP.S, wilh desvrlpllnn of appa ratus used and compound for roakiog the miulds. An Improvcd prooev. AU kinds of Stamp. Seals, Lc. made to order at reasonable ratos. Writc.' at (moe, it will pay you. Boardman Stamp Works.Toledo, Ohio Kbrrbaetl A Non. ■ A rl.or. suppl.v AicentH for tlio írfnl Fmich IK. l.-ll-S I'CHIODU'AI. from fans. Kranci-. 8t only upi.n the íoncratlve organs in femles and piHlvlj ciirs raprewiion of tlie meu?e (from uIihn ver i'hiim',) and all nerioiücal tnmMc ieiiluir le. mimcu. A safe, rellab.e remedy nr nted to promulv luenstruation or money refutideíi s:mull nnt be used ilurincnreitraiicy. Th.' )nrire propor.ion of illa to which liadle ui Iho di eet result of a dis'irdered or Irre-u ar nitrullon. Ask any druwlst, Ann Arln.r AMKKI AN PILI. C ()., Spencer, lowa. Kobert BTEVEMSON & Co., Wholesale A Kent. Chicagu. Wanifid ofPeru. TheRichest ff ailIGU man n south America. Send name a and address with 2-cent stamp for full ■ particulars to WlïP ' JAMES BROWN, ■Wil Vi r.O. EailOSCIeveland.O MARVELOUS MEMORY DISCOVERY. Onlr Genuine Siittm ef Memory Tralnin. l'our Bsoks earned in out reading. Blind wunilrrins cnred. Ererr rhild and adalt reatlr brnrflttrd. Gre&t indaoement to Oorwapondenca Classea. ProsDeotas. with opinión of Dr. Wm. A.HammondVthe world-fmod Specilit in Mind Dissaaw, Daniel Jreenleaf Thompson, the eraatPsreholólSt. J. M. Bucklex. D.p-j od'tor of the Chnêtian BKJori?Í0ÍT"En8TVSíhb'ATe.. K Y.


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