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YOU CAN GET IT AT Calkins'iDrug Store 34 South State-st. Drunkenness Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured BY AOMIMISTERING DR. HAINES' OOIDEN SPECIflC. It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea, or ia articlcs of tood. without the knowledge of the person taking it; it is absolutely harmlesa and wlll effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether thepatientisa moderate drtnkcroran alcohollo wreek, it NEVER FAIL8. We GUARANTEE a complete cure in every Instsuce. 43 page uook PREE Address in confidence, GOLDEN SPECIF IC CO. , 1 85 Race St., Cincinnitl, 0 tffte. PENNYROYAL WAFERS BPr, wict-rssfiilly usei nwnthly by over 10,000 ■SJI.:ilirs. ArcSoJV, KJTeitunt and rkasant. $1 IT íper lx)s tiy mail, or at druggtsts. Sealed FarJM jt ïicvl'irti 't jwtafjH stíinips. Addreas W THE KlIlKKA ( HKM1CAI. COMPiNY. r..T uiocü. Woodward ave., Detroit, Mlcti. Sold by JOUW WOORK. ïnÊi J liTjB "CHICAGO TRUSS." New Spiral Spring Trun , tHard Hutilxr Pad; Cleaa, ,.'L Durable, Cbtap. Approved & oy the htghest Medical Auihority. Worn day and nlght by an lnfant a week olfl of mi Adnlt 80 years. Enxtfr iljtifhil. It nu-ets all tona ÍBcrotal Fermoral, Inguinal and umbilical Hernia, In liotli Infniits and Adulto. Satibfaction guaranteed fo all case. Any desirable pressnre olitalned. It your druggist does not keep this Tiuss, endose biamiw and address. (ll' K. I KI SS ((!., 'hlcngo, III. UFP1CE JA'D FITTINO ROOM, l!'i K. lisindttlph St . T. Y. KAYNE, ÍÍANAGF.B. Sold by Ann;Arbor DrugglCTe. MOiNTHLY S1CKj'ESS T TMST.WDVJKVSQ CftWHCS. 0 L,irB' söviBKADFI ELD EEGULATOR &. w.h.MK. JJTIiAMTA.GA .. NEW STRIPEO RO8E. .Hl THE CKEATKST .NOVEI.TT Ml "jÉ m l.N llAHllY kIJStó EVERWJ lKji-lowirTi 1 rjr Ud fmfrrant; rolor "ft, mUdv pink, -lii Wk. Wjunlly ktrliMrd, nd tliL-iir.1 wilti whittt MiH iarniine.BJ llfliriitf Mwmer ; nul n old tlowr ín ■ iifw nsnis, butitpH {mu.iM-r ma hare fre. t dnlrád, ■ couj rf ■.-■ HW BUVICK'S FLORAL UDEJ HE.fajit corr ; fronlUpiE nJ I Caltre' llle,tjW W- .ntaim ui lllutnOon inJ 1 i -'■!:■-! . f n i-opuBI SëilWiing Machinery SOLD ON TRIAL. No Cash Paymont-or sottlement of any y Und-until after a y SATISFACTORY TEST. ül Machlnery and Tools ml I Guaranteed to make Wells anywhere, ijl j and at the rata of 3 ft. to every 2 ft. il by any othor machine, or no sale, ijl THE BEST1" ""y lil ƒ THE CHEAPEST. ' I Empire Well Auger Co.,


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