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Regenta meet next Wednesday. Vacaticn from to-morrow evening to the evening of April 22. Chalmers, '87, has received a cali to an Illinois pastorate at a salary of $1,500. The Ioter-Fraternity Germán potponed from March Ut will be given May 17tta. The student' Prohibition club turned out in fine sbape lat evening to hear Mrs. Helen Gougar. George R. Haviland, manager for the Glee club, started today to visit all the places the club will i-ing in durinp; their western trip. Prof. M. E. Ooley, with lo studenis, will start for Cleveland, Pittíburg, ar.d Philadelphia tomorrow, to visit the largest machine shop?. Mrs. C. H. S-.owell is expected home from Washington, D. C, to-day. In June, Prof. and ilrs. Stowel! will go to reside in Washington. A. L. Colton, '89, gaes to Indianapolis to-morrow to repres-nt th Miihigan Alpha chapter of the Pui Delta Theta traternity in their provmoe convention. The Engineering grcety to-morrow evening will have a general discussion cerning the bilí to créate a bureau ot Harfeors and Water ways, now bef ore congress. Pïof. Henry Wade Rogers bas been eoosen to fill tiie place in the board of dilectors of the school of musie made vacant by the death of Prof. Morris, and 8enator McMillan that of Bishop Harris. The Mechanical laboratory seems to be one oL the places of interest A lew days go & prominent juüior wae seen explaining the mysteries ot the art of blacksmithingtoa bevy of maidens, aad insisting tht the fellows in suits were not convicts, merely etudeuts in workshop attire. - Argonaut. In the New York letter in the Detroit Tribunt-, regarding the election of officers f the New York Sorosis, appears the foltowiog: "Miss Nellie B. Haire repretented the Ann Arbor College Sorosis, and was the youngest delégate. She bas a pretty, oval face and brown fluffy hair, and was dressed in a gown of soft blue." Yesterday President Angelí left for a trip, during which he wiH make an effort to advance the interests of the Umversity in eeveral western cities. He will speak to the etudents ol the Normal school at Terre Haute. Ind., tonight; tomorrow before the alnaini of the three Chicago high schoo!?, and on Saturday he will visit the alumni of U. of M. n Milwaukee. The Political Science association and the Students' Lecture association closed their courses of lectures last week. Both have been successful. Mr. Kennan pulled the lecture association out of the hole flnancially, and he was tuch a drawing card that President Jennings tried to get him to come to give another lecture. Mr. Kennan declined. His lecture was the fines', thing of the course. ExGov. iel H. Chamberlain, ot New York city, was accorded a hearty reception and nis lecture on the State Judiciary was muco appreciated. On Friday the fatnous ex governor of South Carolina visited the law department and made a speech to the students, in whioh be said many pleasant things of tbis University. Friday evening after the lecture the Psi U boys took Vir. Chatnberlain to their house and dined him. He was a member of that fraternity in Yale. Among those present at the banquet were Prof?. D'Ooge, Walter, Barrington, and Carhart. The five lestores of the Political Science association witi be printed in book form. The Unjversity base-ball asaooiation eiected ofiBcers as follows: President, Prank W. Hawks, '89; vice president, J. A. O. Hildner, '90; secretary and treasurer, Ok. Button, '90; director?, W. L. Mann, '90; P. R. Gray, '90; G. W. Denney, '91; A. E. Watson, law, and G. E. Frothingham, medie. The board unanimously chose F. T. Ducharme, '90, as manager. While müny of last year's team are gone, jet Kichardson, Codd, Marker and Booth make an excellent nucleus. Besides these, there are many who have not yet pïayed witb the team, among the old students and new matriculates, as Lewis, of last year's High School team, Todd, of Oberlin, and eapecially Paul Gray, 90. The fraternity ball league have officers as iollowe: Thomas L. Wilkinson, '90, president; Frederic T. Ducharme, '90, "vice president; líoward T. Abbott, '90, 6ecretary and treasurer; Guy L. Kiefer, '87; Frank W. Hawks, '88, and T. H. Hinchaaan, '91, form the arbitration committee. A challenge has been received and accepted from the (adison State University. They will also play the Cass club, of Detroit, and the Detroit league club, at an early date.


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