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THE LARGEST DRY GDOOS Establishment. In Michigan AT THE SE1ÏIIB RIK Now Occupied For Three Weeks Longer By SCHAIRER&MILLEW Thousands of ladies frorn the city, country and towns around have paid us a visit during the past week. More sales people haye been employed. Still Greater Reductions made on the entire stock. Another mark-down from last week's prices. Goods selling so Low that soon the entire stock will be gone. Hundreds of people w ill come from 30 to 50 miles to attend this sale and no one will go away diaappointed. Do you notice that we are in earnest in regard to this sale? Here's what we offer! Here's what you getü We shall give you during this salo choice of our high grade colored Silks, com prisi n g gros-grai ns, Fai 1 Ie Francaise, Doublé Warp Surah, Rhadames and Moires, worth $1 to $1.25, at 75 ets. per yard. - ti One lot colored Dress Silks, plain and fancy, marked down from 65c, 75c and 85c to'37J ets. per yard. Big bargains in Black Silks at 75 ets 51 and $1.25 per yard. One lot of over 500 yards colored Dress Goods marked down from 25c to 15c per yard. 27 pieces 52 inch Ladies Cloths and Spring Suitings were 55c and (5c, marked down to 45c per yard. One case beautiful Dress Challies at 6c per yard. 35 pieces Black Silk Warp Henriettas at 90c, $1 and $1.25 per yard. 20 pieces black all wool Henriettas, wide, rich jet blacks at 35c, 40c, 45c, 50c, and 75c per yard. 17 pieces new spring Broadcloths at 50c and 75c per yard. 50 pieces 10c and 12Lc Ginghams and Seersuckers marked down to 8c per yd. 100 pieces new spring Dress Goods, doublé fold, marked down to 12Í c per yd. It Doesn't Matter What the Goods Cost They Must Be Sold. 8 bales good yard wide Fine Sheeting at 5c per yard. 4 bales good heavy sheeting at 6c and 7c per yard. 5 pieces fast color Turkey Red Table Damask at 25c per yard. 8 pieces cream Table Linens at 25c, 40c and 50c per yard. Best quality White Oarpet Warp 18Jc per pound. One case best 7c Dress Prints at 5c per yard. One case best Shirting Prints at 5c per yard. 10 pieces goodBed Tick at 10c and 12ic per yard. One case "Toile Du Nord" Ginghams at 10c per yard. 50 White Crochet Bed Spreads at 75c each. 75 pair Nottingham Lace Curtains marked dowa to $1, $1.25, $1.50 and $2 a pair. 19 pieces Wide Curtain Laces at 15c to 25c per yard. Fine Walnut, Ash, and Cherry Drapery Poles, with Ends, Rings and Brackets at 29c each. 18 pieces 24 inch Silk Plush, $1.50 quality at $1 per yard. Big Drive in a lot of 65c Plushes at 45c per yard. SILS ÏÏMBRSLLAS : SILK UmELLAS : 200 Fine Silk Umbrellas with Gold Mountinga worth $1.75 and $2.25, our price $1.35 and $1.50 each. 100 Silk Coaching Parasols at $1 each. Big Deal in Corsets. One case, 25 doz., il Corsets marked down to 50c each. One big lot 50c and 05c Corsets marked down to 39c each. One case, 40 doz., Ladies' Swiss Ribbed Vests 25c quality now 15c each. One big lot Muslin UnJerwear at 25c. One big lot Muslin Underwear at 39c. One big lot Muslin Underwear at 50c. Special Sale Fine Night Robes at 75c and $1 each. Increased Attractions in Drapery, Nets and Lace Flouncings. 45 inch Black Chantilla and Spanish Guipure Flouncings at 75c, $1 to $4 per yard. 10 pieces 45 inch Oriental Lace Flouncings 50c and 75c quality now 25c per yard. In our cloak department we are making Low Prices in Cloth and Jersey Jackets, Jetted Wraps and Capes. AH you Require is the Cash. We Save you More Money than any Firm in Ann Arbor.


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