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Real Estate Transfers

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Mary L. Jaiifcu to Henry G over, Ypsl 900 EUie E. Richards lo Daniel H. Sceley, Milán L0D W. E. Eldert to Wm. and Einma Juuson, Superior 1900 DariusDowner (by adm.)toT. McKone, Lima 1221 GeorgeOttoto AnnaOtio, Ypst 1 Henry K. Maitin to Cotirad Giesel.Lodi... 175 Rowana Rings to G. P. Glnzler, Chel6ea 100 Jame Garlick to Catherine McCaun, A.A. 1 J. P. Galpin to H. Luippold, A. A 800 Julia A. McKinbtry to J. W. VauCleve, jr., Ypst 3000 Julia E. Buckber to Matthew Stein.Ypsi... 1 J. T. Mclntire to P. R. Cleary, Ypsi _ 2203 W. H. Culver to Jas. Gauntlett, York. J. E. Harris to Nathaniel Harris, Dextcr.... 1600 Henry Liesenier to L. J. Lievemer. Lodt... 1000 Permelia Bennett to Jennic tj. IJck. Ypsi. 1500 Adison Fletcher (by heira) toFred Bergin. Ypsl Ï3 Charlee King to J. D. Cook. Ypsi 7M John Boyce to O E Pratt, Ypsi 900 Uattie P. Barker to Abbie A. Pond, A. A.. 1100 G. H. Rhode to Albert Kempfert. A. A. B. G. Johnson to W. & J. Cuuuingham, Scio - 7140 Henry Ledyard lo F. G. Terrill, Salem 150 Fred Schmidto J. W. Rogera. A. A 465 A. Amsdento J. F. Spafard. Mancbe&ter... 100