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Monday evening was anxiously lookd forward to by a few as the time when the new city government under tbe new charter would indícate its intentions in regard to making the saloons respect the laws. The keepers have been active, and the friends of good city government have been strangely inactive. The result has been that all the pressure brought to bear upon Mayor Beakes relative to the appointment of a city marshal haR been from the saloon-keeper?. The saloons won. Mayor Beakes has the comfortable assurance that he has made his calling and election sure with the saloons. He has gone over to them body and soul, so far as his official itfluence is concerned. Had it not been forthe disgraceful nomination for city marshal, there would have been no opposition to confirming the list in a lump. The majority aijticipated trouble, and so rushed through a vote of confirmation in a hurry. Aid. Hez, Spokes, Barker and A. F. Martin voted against confirmation. Aid. Allmendinger changed his vote to the affirmative merely to move a reconsideraron. He declared that he had been taken by surprise ; that he demanded the right to vote on each nominee separately. There was quite a struggle, but the reconsideration was carried against the votes of Aid. C. Martin, Miller, O'Mara, Ware, and Spafford. Aid. Allmendinger hinted that it would be the proper thing for the nominees present to absent themselves during the voting, and the hint was taken, although it was vigorously opposed by a few ardtjnt friends of Sipley. Aid. A. F. Martin offered the following resolution : Resolved, That the nomination of F. Sipley for ehiei of pólice be lald upon the Uble untif a comaittee consitting of one aldennan from each ward shall have lnvestigated the charges recently eirculated concerning said chlef of pólice. This resolution was laid on the table, Aid. Allmendinger, Snow, Barker, and A. F. Martin protesting. These charges againet Sipley are for unchastity, and are well known about Ann Arbor. Aid. Allmendinger was surprised that the city marshal would continue to occupy his office while such charges were freely made against his character, without asking for an investigation. He thought that the law-abiding citizens of Ann Arbor did not want a city marshal who was willing to rest under such suspicion without an effort to prove his innocence. Aid. O'Mara and Ware defonded the city marshal from the story in the Sunday Sun or the World by the logical process of declaring that he was not the only one that that paper had attacked. Of course that proved Sipley'g innocence. After Aid. A." F. Martin's resolution was tabled, Sipley's nomination was ratified with only two opposing vots - Aid. Allmendinger and Aid. A. F. Martin. The other nominations of city officers were ratiñed by unanimous votes : City Attorney- Thos. D. Kearney. Treasurer- William W. Watts. Member of the board of public works- One Tear. Thomas .T. Keech ; 2 yeara, Herman Hutzel . 2 years, Jacob F. Schuh. ' Board ol flre commissiooers- One year, George H. Pond ; 2 years, Mortlmer E. Cooley ; 3 years, Moses Seaholt. Board of healtli- One year, John S. Henderson ; 2 years, Eli S. Moore ; 3 years, Dr. William F. Breakey. Board of building inspectors-James B. Davis, Gottleib Lutck and William E. Walker. PART OF MAYOR ÜEAKES' BEWARD. A resolution was offered that the Ann Arbor Argus be declared the official paper of the city, and that it print all the proceedings of the council and boards at a coat of not more than $200.00 per year. Aid. Allmendinger and Barker protested. The resolution was carried by the following vote : Yes- Aid. Herz, C. Martin, Snow, Miller, O'Mara, Ware, Spafford, President Belser. No - Aid. Allmendinger, Dieterle, Spokes, Barker, A. F. Martin. The enormity oí this proceeding will be apparent when it is considered that at the preceding meeting of the council a committee was appointed to procure bids for the city printing. The committee took no steps to get such bids; at least The Resistes was not asked. The majority of the council were determined that Beakes sbould have the printing in case he was truculent in appointing a friend of tbe saloons as city marshal - one who will not only shut his eyes to all violations of the liquor laws, but who will not hesitate to visit the saloons himself for conference with his real UllllMl Thu8 the keepers used the city patronage to reward the mayor. How do the tax-payers of Ann Arbor like it ? As to the printing of the proceedings of the council, Beakes can now charge $200 for it, even though it may be worth only $100. Prof. V. M. Spalding, secretary of the First Baptist church, asked that Richard Zebbs, janitor of the church, be appointed special policeman without expense to the city for their edifica and grounds. licferred to the pólice committee. Philip Baoh asked for the privilege of putting in a cess-pool on Huron-st. for the accommodaiion of the stores occupied by Schairer & Millen and II J. Brown. It was referred to the gtreet committee. H. J. Brown, A. A. Meuth, A. P. Ferguson, David Rinsey and about 50 others, petitioned that the north end of st. be widened. Referred to street committee. Joaeph L. Rose petitioned that $20.96, the amount of personal taz be paid in 1888, under protest, ba refunded, because he owna do more personal property thah is exempted by law. It was referred to the finance eommittee. The poor report for April showed an expeDditure of $161.81, of which Ist ward had $10.50; 2i, $17.26; 3-1, $27.17; 4th, $52.28; 5th, $46.35; 6th, $8.25. The city marshal reported 5 arresta during April. John R. Miner reported that he had examined the accounts of the city trea9urer and tity clerk, and found them correct. The treasurer'a and clerk's books now agree. The bnlance on hand, April 31, 1889, $3,404.79. Bills to the amount of $1,449.38 were allowed. It was voted to appropriate $50 to buy the right of way through the property of Mrs. Kisle for the extensión of W. Third-st. Aids. Herz, Snow and Ware were appointed the committee on poor. D.-uggists' bonds of E. E. Calkins, Mann Bros., John Moore, and Eberbach & Son, were ecceptd. Liquor dealers' bonds of Ludwig Walz, L. Buckholz, Henry Frank, and Aueust Herz were accepted.


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