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The Visit Of Ashlar Lodge

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One hundred and thirty-four members of the Masonic order, largely of Ashlar lodge, No. 91, of Detroit, arrived in Ann Arbor Tuesday afternoon, to visit Golden Rule lodge, No. 159. In the evening Ashlar lodge exemplified the work of the order, the occasion being the initiation of Louis Boyle of this city. The awful mysteries of this work closed at 10:45 p. m., and promptly at 11 o'clock, the doors into tbe spacious banqueting room were thrown open. Marching to the delicious strains of the Chequamegons, and led by WillW. Watts, worshipful master of Golden Rule lodge, and W. H. McGregor, who is at the head of Ashlar lodge, the 250 Masons took seats at the tables and after grace was pronounced by Dr. C. H. Stowell, soon dispatched the good things there spread. The newly-appointed city treasurer, bearing with dignity his "blushing honors" which crowded thick upon him, called for the speakers and presided in a happy manner. The Apollo quartette gang "Glora in Excelsis," the mnsic of whicb was composed by Prof. Geo. W. Renwick. They also sang "The Chápel," and at the close, "Soldier's Farewell." This quartette ia composed of D. C. Fall, L. D. Wines, O. E. Mutschel, and Prof. Renwick. Along with the Chequamegons they received a vast amount of praise, one speaker declaring that he had heard the finest music in Detroit, but that of this evening surpassed it all. In opening the speaking Mr. Watts declared that if Golden Rule lodge had seen Ashlar lodge's work in Masonry first, they wouldn't have dared to go to Detroit, as they had done. They were astonished at the perfection Ashlar lodge had attained in" ritualistic ceremony. From many things said during the evening it must ba believed that Ashlar lodge knows it all. Mr. McGregor responded for his lodge. The ne w-made brother in Masonry, Louis Boyle, was nest broughtto his feet. He declarad that the atmosphere of Masonry was yet so new to him, he hardly how to respond; but he secured tremendous applause by saying that riext to Golden Rule lodge he would hold in peculiar regard the Ashlar lodge of Detroit. The other speakers were Dr. C. C. Teman?, who was once the Repubhcan candi ■ date for mayor of Detroit; Mr. Russell, of Detroit ; Frost Gibson of Bay City ; Past Master Hayes of Union lodge in Detroit ; B. Frank Bower of the Detroit Evening Journal ; Past Master Moore of the Detroit lodpe; W. M. Whitbeck of Plymouth; W. H. Baxter, fire marshal of Detroit ; W. G. Doty, Dr. G. A. Hendricks and B. F. Watts, of Ann Arbor. Frost Gibson, of Bay City, was the first one initiated into Golden Rule lodge after ita charter was received. It was in February, 1865. As was proper, Masonry was glorified by the speakers. One placed it as only second to the public schools as a safeguard of our country. Another claimed that the happy result of the Geneva arbitration was due to the fact that all the arbitrators were Masons. It averted war. The religious character of the order in promoting good feeling and brotherly love, was dwelt upon by many. The speaking closed at one o'clock, and the visiting Masons were immediately escorted to their train.


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