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Dress Reform Lecture

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The Ladies' Library association of Ypsilanti have secured the services of the famous lecturer, Mrs. Anna Jenness Miller, who will lecture n their city, May 20, on the subject of Pbysical Culture and Dresa Reform. She is regarded the Ieading authority on hygienic and artistic dress, and is herself an exemplification of her theory that a beautiful forra and graceful carriage are not dependent on corset, eteel, bone or bustle. Mrs. Miller will exhibit, during her lecture, an entire eet of undergarments, also a variety of dresses suitable lor all occasions f rom the simplest to the most elabórate - house dresses, street dresses, reception, callinar, and evening dresses - costing f rom ten dollars to a thousand. She will also demónstrate the ea8e and flexibility of her dress by indulging in various gymnastic exercises which would dislócate the ordinary tight dress, or the anatomy within. It is hoped there will be an immense mass-meeting of the ladies of Ypsilanti and vicinity to see and hear this accomplished woman, that they may learn the art of ncquiring the rare and correct gifts of health and beauty. This lecture will be delivered at the Baptist church of Ypsilanti, and 2 o'clock p. m. is the hour fixed upon for the special conveniecce of the ladies of Ann Arbor. In Detroit, not long ago. Mrs. Miller received much attention. Unquestionably, Ann Arbor ladies would do well to visit Ypsilanti May 29.


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