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In A Trance

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A BEMARKABLE STORY. Bt. Louis, May 4. - An afternoon papel prints a sensational story of a remarkable case of catalepsy reported from South Bt Louis, the name being suppressed for the alleged reason that the victiia is bo weak that the excitement eer. tato to be aroused by a knowledge of her identity and consequent calis by curious neighbors would be fatal. The story is to the effect that a young married woman, 25 years of ag-e, was in her coffin and about to be tnken out for burial when her husband saw her arm move, ordered her to be taken out of the cofün at once, called in two physicians, who, after an examinatlon, pronounced Ufe not extinct and began a procesa of resuscitation. Their efforts were Buocessful and the woman was in a short time brought back to consciousness. Thia story was obtained from her sister, a young married woman, who lives at Til South Fourth street The sister says: . 'The most terrible affa.r about it all is tht sho knew perfectly every tblng that was golog ■on around her. When Bhe was being dressed for burial she realized what was being dono, and tried her best to show signs o( life, but could not do so. Wben Bhe was placed In the eoflln an awful feeling of what was to be her doom came over her, and she says sha tried to scream and thonght that she succeedcd, but, cf course she did not. When she came to and related to us an account of the mental torture she had expeneuced during the time her trance lasted ene said: 'VVhere were you all when I screamedf' When she was lying in the coffln she tried to move, but failed until her little ohild came running into the room and asked to look at her. Then her arm cramped and her husband, who was standing by the coffin, fortunately happened to seo lt. Had he not she would certainly have been buried alive." The story was further corroborated by A. Hartwig, a groceratSi7 South Fourth street, but all efforts to ascertain the name of the woman or the names of the physicians in attendance have thus far failed.


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