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Lost. - ' I don t know where, I can't teil when, I don't see how - something ol gteat value to me, and for the return ol which I shall be truly thankful, viz.,'a good appetite." Found. - "Health and strength, pure blood, an appetite like that of a wolf, regular digestión, all by taking that popular and peculiar medicine, liood's Sareaparilla. I want everybody to try it tbis season." It ia gold by all .druggists. One hundred doses one dollar. The brain of a man exceeds twice that of any other animal. What Am I To DoT The symptoms of Biliousness are unhappily but too well known. They differ in different individúala to some extent. A biliouB man is seldom a breakfast eater. Too frpquently, alas, he has an excellent appetite for üquors, but none for solids, of a morning. His tongue will bardly bear inspection at any time; if it is not white and furred, it is rough, at all events. The digestivo system is wholly out of order and Diarrhea or Constipation may be a 8ypmtom, or the two may altérnate. There are often Hemorrhoids or even loss of blood. There may be giddiness and often headache and acidity or flatulence and tenderness in the pit of the stomach. To correct all tbis, if not effect a cure, try Green's August Flower; it costs but a tiifle and thousands attest its efficacy. Amortgage is worse than an earthquake. It can make a man's farm shrink into the size of a pieue of paper. SHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. Sold by Eberbach & Son. Fiveyears ago a good specimen of a munoray could be obtained in Alexandria for $3. The price is now ad vaneed to $15. Ladles Have Trled It A number of my lady customers have tried Mother's Friend, and would not be without for many limes its cost. They recommend it to all expecting to become mothers. R. A. Payne, Greeuvillw, Ala. Write Badöeld R-g. Co., Atlanta, Ga. Sold by all druggists. Thu man who smokes a vile cigar pro bably goes on the principie that if he can stand it his friends ought to. - Merchant Traveler. Happy and Haugry. For over tive years I was a constant sufferer with that most terrible and annoying disease, dyspepsia. After paying out hundreds of dollars, the only medicine I found tbat would do me any good was Sulphur Bitters. Six bottles cured me. Now I can eat well and am happy and hungry. - Editor. The colorea peonía ol iue south go to postoffice an average o' once per day, and receive an average of four letterg per year as their reward. „„. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh'a Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 cis, 50 ets., and $1. Sold by Eberbach & Son. An Obio schoolunasier got t!ie bounee the otber day because he was 45 years old and had never seen a canal boat. That Ttred Feeling __ Season is here agam, and every one feels weak, languid, and exhaustel. The blood, laden with impurities wbich have been eccumulating for months, moves sluggishly through the veins, the mind tails to think quickly, and the body is still slower to respond. Hood's Sarsapnrilla is just what is needed. It is, in a peculiar sense, tbo spring medicine. Ic purifies, vitaüzes, and enriches the blood, makes the head clear, croates an appeiite, overcomes that tired feelin, a id itiparts new strength and vieor to the whole body. Sftvannah saved her oatidy sireets, mosquitoes and dogs, and will go ahead with renewed hope and enerey. It lays. The Eev. Dr. Howard, rector "f St. George's Cburch. -outhwark Engluid. was alwaya in arrears with hia tradesmen.and wasolten perplexed hwo to keei them ia good tvmper. He one day took for his text. 'Have patienre, and I will pay you all " Afusr düating tor noine time on the Tirtues of patletice, he uld : 'anl nuw I am come to the 8econd part nf my discourse, which is 'and I will piiy you all' but ihatl will de er to a fir.ure opportunity." "Pomeroy's Fetnilinu Poroused Piasters" pay at once. ior th y at once alleviatö the pain of Rheumatism, and afier a shori time effect a cure. All dniKg'St keep them or will get them, but don't pay more than 5 cents for them For Sale by H. J. Brown, District Agent for Ann Albor. ______ The femalo graduaten of C rnell beat the males by 60 per cent. The girl didn't Tomfool o'nisfht . Adrlee to Motlier. Mrs. Wiielow'g Soothing Syrup ghould alwsys be used for children teething. It soothe8 the cbild, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind eolio, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents bottle. Adelina Patti iucases her comely feet in dainty French kids. Her fascinating house slippers are marvel in their line. Eczema, Itcby, Ncaly, SUIm Tortnrea. The simple application of "Swatsk's Ointment," whithout any internal medióme, will cure any case of Tetier, 8U Rheum, Ringworm, Piles, Pimples, Eczema all Scaly, Itchy Skin Eruption, no matter how obstinate or long standing. It is potent, effective. ond ct hu' a trifle. Mrs. Hrnet Lia Jouu.-oa has an aristocratie foot, and steps as eta'ely as s queen. Sh is seldem sen in ëlippera. CROUP, WHOUPING COUGH and Bronchitis immoïately relieved by Shiloh's Care. Sold bv Ehprhch 5 Sun. Johann Gaspar Spurzneim, Grman phy8icin and phrenologist. born 1776: died 1832. X „Vo O L. BIH'd Eüxir ia xhe only TVvl!Ñ"O Blood Kemedy guaranteed. It is positivo cure íor Ulcere, EruptionsorSyphiJiticPoisoning. Itpurifiesthe whole system, and banishesall Hheumatic tud Nearalgio paisa. We guarantee it. Joh Mooek, Druggi&c Expandtbe;illnl . SKEBSS By seeinjj as much as you can of ihe wo! ld. Eut ere you set out either as a tourist, comercial traveler or emigrant - whether you go by rail pteamship or steamboat, provide yourself with Hostet ter's Stomach Bitter, which the trave! ing public reconizes as the finest medica safeguard and preveutive of sea sicknees with which any one jourceying by lam or water can be provitjed. It farnishes to the western pioneer adequate prorection against malaria, rheumatism, and those disordr8 of the boweh which miasma tainted water beget. lts sedative effec upon a stomach perturbed by tbe rockmg oftheshipis truely magical, and it is a capital appftizer and nerve invigorator Excellent is it for biliousness and kidney inactioD, and it counteract, in a rermrkable degree, the effect? of fatigue, physical or mental. After wetting and exposure in inclement weather, it shoulj be used as a preventivp. A neweveloramadepictingGen. Custer's laat fight with Sitiing Buil is about to be opened in Boston. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible nougn. Shiloh's Cure is the Remedy for you. Sold by Eberbach & Son. burdöcbT """ - gJESSp "5ÏTTERS! Burdock Blood Bitters Purify Ihe Blood. Burdock Blood Bitters BBC ETS Sound. Refreshing Sleep. Burdock Blood Bitters FOR That Tired. Weary Feeling. Sick Ilcadache. f Gents - I have bcea subject to Sick n';idache for jears, nnd have tried. n rain, many advertiscd rcmediC3 anti sevcral ])hys'ctans, bul all to no purpose. At last I tned vour B. B. Bitters - without much failh. 1 ndmit- but today I cao Irulysay, thaiafu-rtakuig the tlnrdbottlu I iiiive uot suffen::! from it. I recomuiend it to all my fiiemh; several have been cureil by it. Mv litlleRrandson was permanently curedof Biliousness and Sick lache, which wpie so severe as to en. se 'onviilsions. Tliey have all ceased suice he comrnencerl the use of B.B.B. MRS. B. C. BODLE. Oiange, Luzerne Couuty, Pa. THE CREAT j Germán Remedy. mTRUTHSFORTHESICK.n TTïr7hr!TïïïthivrTT!ö(w7ïïn)nïïï lllRiliousSpellsrlopend fora case wlieret-i;LII mSlILPCURBlTTEBS PHUR 1$ITTEIÍ3 WÍ11 IJit irillcurc you. not assist or cure. Itlll Ft n„,,„,,J,„wi,ll"mrM8' tl IJlthattiredandallgone cieanse the vitiatedl llfeelniR; if so, use i,lOod when you seel 9I4DT.PII0K Bitteks; it8 impurities burst-l gitwül cure you. inpr thronp;h the sklnl II Operaüveswhoare n Pimples, BlotchesJ Qthe milis and 5l V fu, n 1'E3 ■Sshopajclerks.whodo in(l healUl wiu io1 jn III not procure aulüclcnt !L mmm I lexercise, and all who SuL1.„UR ïtiTTERsl srouTdnüunsSZ;ntXá: Mgickly. ymu K il ïf youdoimtwish 'F""R B'TTKMl Ito snfferfrom will bulld you up and atism, nse a bottle of mal;e. 'ou Btronganu I Isdlphür Bitters ; lienlthy. liti'verf;iilsto-nri'. siiLPHUR BiTTERsl m Don't be without a wlll make your bloodpj JS bottle. Try it; you pure, rich and strong.M Ijl will not retrret it. nnd your flesh hnrd. Ij II Uidiou ii dêÏÏcate Try M'i.i'iiru BIT Ijlhealth, who are alt rt;us to-nlght, andl lrundown,8houldiise you will eleep well II lU.Sl'l.rill'U UlTTER. :mi fiH'l tx-lt'T fi.rlt. U Do you want thö best Medical Work publlshed ? Bend 3 2-ent stamps to A. 1. OcnWAr & Ca, Boston, Jlaas., aud receivo a copy, (ree. ii.i. uowii's iioni: exebcisek." HPBBilHÍ f'"r Workert and Seden wm MB '"'W Propte: 2 I Gentlemen, Ladies and Youth; w "Ja ■ ihe Athleteor Invalld. A comI . , JtS I plete gymnasium. Takes op v'Jr'fBÊWl hut 8lx nihea t-quare HooriyPy- y-aJI rKm ; fomething n, scien■ tifie, durable, eomprehensive, ■ cheap. Indorsed by tweuty 'lioiisuud füvMciaus. I.awyers, Clergymer, Ediiors .nú ..ihiTl nnw usii.g it. Setid ior illustmvrt circular, forty engravings, no charge. Prof. D L. Hiiwd l'hysical and Vocal Culture. 9 E. llth Snet. N.w-York. HHH:1 Is the oldest and mnut poputnr setentifle moe f mechanica) paper publlshed and nas the laivcct circulatlon of any pnptr of lts clans in the world. F11II7 illuotrated. Best cUum of Wood KncraTIukb. Puhlished weekW. Pend for pfcmen oopr. Price $8 n vear. r our months' trial, ÍL MUÑN & CO., 1'uui.isnRiw. 3G1 Broadwar. N.7. ARCHITECTS & BUILDERO Edition of Scientific American. O A frreat snecetts. Each Issue oontains colored llthuKruphic platea of country and city reaidenees or public bnlldunru. Numeróos ennravtnfri and fall phuif and ipecification8 for the ase of ftuchascoDtemplHte building. I'ricc 2.6Ü a jear, 25 ets. a copy. MUNN & CO., PUBUSHEua. VAK Mil M fchavtth'adoTe I 0 ycara' experience ana hare made oren ■ 11)0,000 applicattons for American and Fnr elftn patenM. Hend for Handbook. Coitpondeuce strtctly confidentie). TRADE MARK8. In case your mark is not rejrlatered In th Patent OrBc, pply tn Munn i Co mnd procura ImmediHle prutectiOD. 8end for Handbook. CH"VRI:ilTH for books, chart, map, atc, qulckly procured. Addreiu MUNN it CO.. Pnlrnl SollclIOra. Oknxbai. Ornci: S61 Biuuuwir. V. T. Drynkenness Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured 6Ï ADMINISTERINC DR. HAI1ES' QOLOEI SPECIFIC It can be given in a cup of codee or tea, or in articles of foort. without the knowiedge ut tlie per sou taking it; it is abttolutely lun mies and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patiënt i a moderate drinker oran alcohol io wreek. T NEVER FAIL8. WeGUARANTEE a complete v.u re in eveiyineiauce. 4S pago buuk PREE Addi'e-s ín coufidence, SOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., I 85 Race St., Clnctwutl. O


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