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Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Guerin, of Lima on May 1 celebrated the semi-centen nial of their marriage. Ypsi.commoncouncil last week chose a board of water commissioners as fol lows: lst. ward, Henry P. Glover, one year ; 2d ward, Henry M. Curtis, two years; 3d ward, Daniel L. Quirk, three years ; 5th ward, Oliver E. Thompson four years ; 4th ward, Clark Cornwell five years. The Norvell Farmers' club met at J P. Merrill's, April 27. There weresome good essays. The subject, "Is highe farming a remedy for lower prices?' was discussed by L. D. Watkins, John Green, C. P. Holmes, J. G. Palmer, P. P Colé, G. B. Rhead, and S. W. Holmes Mr. Watkins thought that prices hac about reached the bottom, althougl they will be olqse for some years yet There will be increased consumption with increase of population, and price will rise. As Providence had destroyec 16 per cent, of western hogs by cholera we might compete in hogs. Thf general opinión seemed to be that with intenser farming, the agriculturis could make more, but S. W. Hol me said that if more was produced, price would be lower, and that farmers coulc hope to make no more than a livinj anyway. Btilan. It now looks as if Milán was to have but one liquor hell this Bummer, and i is said that the one now in existence is of doubtful legality. One member of Milan's last year base-ball team is now a salaried pitcher in the state league, and still we plod The boys will miss Ed. Hinkly. The work of tearing away the oh wooden bridge, which has been the means of one man's death, beside costing the township of Milan hundreds of dollars in damages, has commenced, and we expect to be crossing the Saline on a new iroa bridge in the near future. In Dr. Pinkham's second action against the second of the gambling gang to recover those prodigal greenbacks, he made no better showing than in the first action ; henee the second jury could see no cause for action. The doctor attributes his defeat to the inefficacy of Milan's law courts. He seemed to forgpt that evidence was required to secure judgments. There is no doubt that there has been gambling done at Milan, but straight evidence of the receip of suca money is necessary to recover it in an action. Dexter. It is to be hoped that the sportsmen of Dexter are alone in the contemptible habit of shooting song birds. Rev. Dr. Adams, of the M. E. church, has not been improvedin health by his wintering in Florida, and to the regret of his large and admiring congregation, he has deemed it wise to drop active work for the present. Ourchurches observedthe Centennial inauguration by a unión service on Sunday evening at the Congregational church., Rev. Mr. Burns Rev. Mr. Claflin and Presiding Eider Joslyn each gavjhojt addresies "is Ed. Daniels and wife and little dajighter igkon tbeir way to the North Lakfl pph, last Sunday mornihg, theirfl niade a misstep and landed thfl ff down an eightfeet embnkment; with carriage bottom side up and horse in same predicament, with feet pawing the air. No liarin was done except a broken top to carriage and lacerated cheek and bruised arm for Mrs. Daniels. Websfr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stowe, of Howell, visited relatives a few days. Mrs. Jane Steadman, from Howell, will remain with relatives a few weeks. Miss Minnie DePuy, of the U. of M., was the guest of Mattie McColl over Sunday. James McColl had a runaway, Saturday. The team broke from the wagon,, and nothing was hurt. James Butler made a cali upon the Webster folks Saturday and occupied the pulpit Sunday of the Congregational chnreh. His father-in-law,Mr. Moore, from Ionia, is also here on a visit. Saline. Miss Ollie Eogers has recovered from the measles. The farmers' club meets at Eden Ruchman's next Friday. The May festival at the M. E. church Wednesday evening was an enjoyable aö'air and was well attended. The Presbyterian social at S. A. Crittenden's Wednesday afternoon was well attended anl enjoyed by those present. Miss Leila Bond is on the sick list, and unable to continue her school, which has been taken for the rest of the term by Miss Carrie Maher. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thompson, of Iowa City, and Miss P. C. Taylor, of Manchester, were the puests of their aunt, Mrs. Gilbert Allen, last week. Ypallantl. T. C. Owen is now sole Droprietor of the Paragon mineral waters. J. H. Miller will open a store in the Moorman block on Huron-st. Miss Nettie McCorkle is at Dr. 0wen9, bei tig unable to accompany her family to Detroit. L. H. Bush and wife are the latest Manchester people to take up their residence in Ypsi. Louis Hardy and sister Carrie have gone to Kansas, where Mr. Hardy will enter the minietry. So far in the contests at foot-ball between the Business college and Normal teams, the latter have been sadly left in the rear. VanTuyl is making modern improyements on nis home on Huron-st., which will make it one of the prettiest housea in the city. Rev. Dr. Plunket of the Detroit Jefferson-ave. Presbyterian church, ocuopied the Presbyterian pulpit of this city last Sunday, and formally declared the same vacant. Our city has awakened from its sleep of half a century and come to the front 700 strong for water works. This is better than the 567 votes against it in 1887. The bonds are not to exceed $75,000, and the work is to be given Ypsilanti workmen. The majority seem to be satisfled with the outlook.' The Normal oratorical contest takes place Friday evening and much interest ts taken in the exhibition. The judges will be Gov. Luce, Hon. E. P. Allen, Hon. Don M. Dickinson, Mrs. Mary Livermore and Miss M. L. Jones. Cbelsea. Farmers are busy at home these days, and the town is very dull. Wool buying has commenced, but little has been delivered yet. Prospects for a good erop of fruit are fair in this vicinity at present. There ia a good show of blossom. K napp & Hindelong will erect a substantial brick block this nummer on the lot made vacant by fire last December. Hon. D. B. Green, of Ypsilanti, who, as a state offieer has the oversight of truant children in this county, was in town Wednesday on official business. Rev. Mr. Holmes preached Sunday at Michigan Center, and spent Monday at Jaek8on, listening to the speeches of Attorneys Wilson and Conely in the Latimer case. A change in the ownership of one of the lots recently made vacant by fire makes rebuilding of the entire areacertain. This work is being puahed forward with commendable energy. By some means unknown, at least to the public, thepeat-swamp, eastof town, bas taken fire; and, on Sunday, the fire departnient was called outtoextinguish flamea that threatened the sidewalk leading across it to the cemetery. Plttsfleld. Miss Kittie liaur, of Detroit, is visiting her cousin, Chas. Kempf. Notwithstanding the very discouraging drought, farmers are busy corn-planting. Henry DePue put in eight acres Tuesday. John Sperry and Charles Kempf, becoming alarmed at the symptoms of madness exhibited by their dogs, shot them. Others are keeping their dogs muzzled or chained. Many sheep have been killed by dogs during the past year and the dog-tax is found insufficient to meet the expense. Whilmore l,akc. Isaac King, of Ann Arbor, Sundayed with his parents. Geo. Nelson lost i. cow.last week, that had many appearances of being mad. Mich. Trainer is making some much needed improvements by remodeling his house. Jay Pray, who is attending the Normal school at Ypsilanti, was at home over Sunday. Mrs. E. W. Stiles and children are visiting their friends here. They will leave for Trinidad, Coló., in a short time. The house occupied by Fred Smith barely escaped being destroyed by fire last Hunday. A timely discovery of fire in the roof saved it. R. Bixby, of Laing8burg, father of Mrs. F. M. Dodge, had an operation performed on his face last week bv Dr. Maclean. He is improving rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Bixby have been visiting at F. M. Dodge's. Mrs. James Howard, of Webster, died very suddenly at her home last Sunday. Mrs. Howard had been an invalid for some lime, but had kept around al most to thp time of her death. The services were held at St. Patrk-k's church Tuesday morning, and the remains were taken to Jackson for interment.


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