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"We The Chief Reason for tho marrelloai sqccess of Hooü's Karsaparllla is found In the fact that thís medicine actually occompllihes all that is elaimed for it. Ita real mertt hu won _„:x w - for Hood's Samparllla IVIClll YVinS a ixipularitj and tale greater than that of any other blood pnrlfler. It cares Scrofula, all Hiimors, Dytpepsia, etc. Prepared only by C. I. Hood Co., LoweU, Xa l'IIKKKOI.Odï. Prof. D. Carty Pbrenologist and Lecturer, bas visitcd Ann Arbor. and expects to remain for a few weeks, and labor in tbe interest of Phrenology. The Professor respctfully Invites the attention of the citizens and studentsof Ann Arbor to the sc'ence of Phrenology. whieh in hls judgment .8 the most important subject relative to human life ; and wishes to say that he feels competent to demónstrate to tbe li telligei.rc snd satisfac: on of the most nkeptical, tnat Phrenologv embodies tbe whole science of human life whieh a correct delineitton applies throughout ail our every day affaire and leetiugs; and as a science ruruishes the best nieans 10 effect personal and uvenile improvement possible. As a system of mental pliiloeophy it afma to explain the lauultii 8 of thought and feeling by itudying the organización of the brain during liie. Ifthis be truc, ilisa most important fact; if it be false the quicker the public nnd it out the bitter. If irue, teachers, preacbers, legislatois and adminlsfators of justice, and parücuiarly parents, should understand it. atid by applying ts principie, derive the benefit whieh they must afford ; and if It be false. that part of the world whieh representa intelligenee, morality. civil government ai d the domestic training of children, cannot be too soon in ascertaining it. The time hasgone by when a shrug of the shoulders, a shake ol the head, a repuUive wave of the hand, or the blgot's argument, can set aide a subject that claims to make clear the most imtoriant lact that can attrac the world of thought. Die science of phrenology teaches that the char acter, and natural talenis of the individual are in dicated in the peculiar formation of the head ; and that an Improvement can be effreted by imely attention and personal effort, and henee he loglcal conclusiou : - That a correct phrenoogical examinatlon is indispensible to relf-kuowedge and self-cnlturt; ; for by heatlmeasurement of each mental facuity It point out our own and chtldren's constimtional excesses, errors and deècts, etc, and sh wh how to obvíate them ; reveáis the natural talents. and tuereby in what msiness. pbere or pursults we. and they. can and cannot) succeed, thus preventing fallare and guaranteeing success and hapiine ; directs peciflcally jut what physical functions and mental fai ulties either may reqtiire to cultívate or rt-strain, shows how to make the most of whatevar tnborn rapacilies or virtues either may possets. as well as the best way to iuflueuce and overn each ; and ir itM teaohings are followed ut in all thelr hearings and relations npon the lfe and heart, It will eflect a complete physleal and mental regenrratlnn In the experienceof the ndividual. The Professor is preparcd to furnlhh reliable charta to partfes desiring them at the ery low figure of fl.Ofl ; verbal readiugs. 60o 'ersons desfring these charts will not be obliged o pay 'or them unless they glve entlre satifcfac:on. The Professor gfves free parlor enterta nments whcre appropriav pbrenological addresses will be made ; alter whlch partiei present can trocure c arts or verbal readings ai the above jrlces. Those wishing to consult the Protessor Mn do k by calllng on him at hls room. No. 4 Bowery-Rt., or by inviting him to their homes, whieh invltation can be exteiide-l by mail or by eaving a note at the above address. Prof. D. Cabty.


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