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Sísate- A bilí was passed on tlie 2d riting o additional jndge for Kont Circuit, and Randall's Detroit Park and Boulevard ConsoltdaUon biU. HOUSK-The Local Option bilí w s defeated by a Tote o( 43 to 43. TDe Abbott lull. making a rotura to capital punishment tn cases of murderers where the jury unanimously recommoni in writing the death penalty, was passed. It nthonzes executions by either hanging or electrieity, and aa attempt was made by the opponent of the bilí to also permit decapitation. The bill provides that all newspaper representativcs shaü be rigorously excluded trom execotions. The two houses met in joint convention daring the afternoon and listened to a farewell address from ex-United States Senator Palmer, Minister to Spain. At lts conclusión he held a recept on in the Governor"s parlors. SraATB- Bills were passed on the M providfngforaatone road in Bay County; approprlsttng (13,030 (or a chapel and amnsement-room at Kalanutzoo Insana Asylum, and Senator Oilmore's bill requring ralroad companies to Issue 100-mile tckets for t:0 la the lower, and $26 in the uppor pen nsula, valid for two years and avaiiable for any member ot a (amily. Adoarned to the ib. House - Bills were passed prohibltlng a change in salaries of county offleers during their term by boards of supervisors; authorizlag appointments of cotarics publ'.o by the Qoveruor when the Legislatura :s not in sea slon, tor.a term of four years, appointees must have reached the age of twenty onc years; reinoorporatmg the village of Dav.son, Genese County: to revise and eonsolidate the h gtaway laws; appropnating Í250 for the publ catión of the prooeedings of meetings of the county rapenntendents of the poor; appropriating S139,3)7 for a doaf and dumb ayium; amending the charter of West Bay City; flxing salaries of justices and clerks of justices' courts in the city o( Detroit, and the Abbott Capital Ponishment bilt. The vote by wh:ch the LocalOption btll was lost was recons dered, and it was laid on tho table. Sehatk- Met at nlne o'clock on the erenlng of the 6th, bul did no business of importunoe. HOüSE- A bill was passed in committoe of the wholo which is the initial step on the part, of sereral Detroiters to secare control of great tracks of valuaole low lands along the shore of Lake Huron, in the lower península. Thia is to be drained and stook-raising on a Wholesale Male Inaognrated. The bill authorizes te tormation of stock companies for this purpose aad llmits tbe amount of land one company maï oontrol to 10,000 acres. The bill requirins the Sute to adopt the Khines votin? machino aa the official ballot-box was advcrsely reportod. The bill author zing tbe appolntmeot of a register by judges of probate in couutiea haring ),000 ïnhabitunta was killed.


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