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Complete List Of Victims

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Hamilton, Ont, May 6.- The work of Identlf ylng tho bodies of those killed and oremated in the Junotlon Cut disaster lf one of great ditliculty and has given riso to much hoart-burning and anxlety among the nnfortunate relativas who have come here from New York, Chicago and other oitles to claim the dead. The l'ollowing il complete list of thn dead complled from anclaimed baggafje, identified bodiea and oircuniKtantial evldence connoctcd witb the diBappeiirance of frienda: J. G. Curnick. Evansville, Ind., retlrei lne chant; Kudolph J. Ederer. Chicago; L. a Qui ney, New York ; John H. Kelley, Chloago. Rook Island & Paclflo ra lwy, Chioago; E. Biodall Orr, law stuüent, l'eekskill, N. Y. Captain 1. L. Boller, Cook Ciunty Insano Asylum, Chic gO! II. A. Pelerlay, ZX Broadway, New York; C. O. Fraaer, Btenojfrapner, Toronto; ï-ad Duthie and wife. Kangas City; H. Levoy, Chicago; Mr. Sm th andtwo young daugtaters (no address) ; M. R. Scullen, 781 Lane streetCI ogoj J. Hall, retired merchant, Kankakee, I1L Dan Ferguson, Joioer, Buston; Harry I'rlngle, CaU caeo; Harry Everts (Little Qiant crato-, Forepaush' show); B. L. Ovialt, medical student, 171 Wet Sxiy-rourth Btreet, New York; Thomas J. Kwelt harness-maUer. aiï ÍUn Jtreet, Toroolo; Mr Urummett, ítil lnd ana lUcet, Chitúo


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