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grjACOBSOII, k Aültiej ise tt IP BALL wfcjplk ontnt complete (f, Ap Sprains, Stralns, O ff Bruises, Wounds. JB Soiit by DrufsriM and Dtaleri. Glr The Cha. A. Vogiltr Co.. Balta., Md. Por fure oP RnMPnYANDTERMAíÍEKríf .ynTHnüpKETliRM ofEif!. (trDll]EE15TS ANÍDEALFt5lÍF3WtlEf TaECHAsAVDBEifReb'Bwia-MaA l,nrsr Estnte. A broad land is thia in which we live, dotted so thickly with thrifty cities, towns and villages! Amid them all, with everincreasing popularity and belpfulnes, jg Dr. Pieree's Golden Medical Diseovery, giving hope and cher where there ie disease nci despair. Wuerever there is humanity theie is suffering ; wherever there ie sufferincr there is the best Beid tor this (rreatest A mericn Remedy. Consumption (wbtoh ík Innü eornfula). yields to it, if employd iu the enrly stag;e8 ot the di8ease ; Chrouic Naal Catarrh, yields to it; Kidneyand Liver dise;8íe, yield to hl If you want the best k'iowii lemedy ior all dieease8 of the blooi, ask tor Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Diseovery, and take no other. Five hundred and lorty piuad?, or one hogsbead and one and one quarter piuts of blood pass through the heart in one ïour. SHIL0I1SC0UQH and Consumption uure is sold by m on a gunrantee. It cures consumptijn. Suld by Kberbach & Ron. The average height of an Eiigl8hnnn is 5 (eet 9 inche; of a Frenchmn, 6 feet 4 inche-; of a Belgian, 5 feet C nche. Jouet, III J. M. Loo6e, Red Clover Co. - I purchased a box of Rd Clover Ointmeot of F. Goliday, at this plaae, afier using variou8 other ointments without effect. I used geveral applicutions of the Red Clorer O ntment and hnve not had any trouble since. I now believe I am permanently cured. My case was not one of the worst, but I have euffered with tbem over a year, and blei po mueh I became greatly reduued ia flesh. Your ointment acted miracuoa4y, and I am only too glad to spek to th maiy sufferera of thia painful diseasc. If it cures all who u?e it a quickly as it did me, you will sell a great deal ot it. But I am convinced that your Pile Ointment was male to cure, and not like the many othera I have tested, to defraud. It is a pleaMire to me to say, the Red Clover Pile Ointment has been a prinelesa bieding to me, and I kow it will prove such io oheig wlio will try it. Respectfully, I V. Park. Tbe average weintof'tlie brain of a man is thiee and one-lialf pound'; of s woman two pouad and eleven ounces. News Aboiii 'l'owm. 1', is a current report about town that Kemp' Balsam for the Throat and Lungs ia making some lemarkHhle cures with people who are troubled with coughs, Öore Throat, Asthma, Bronchitis and contumptioD. Any druggbt will give you a trial bottle free of cost. It is guaranteed to relieve and cure. The large bottlee óOc and $1. The average number of teeth is thirtytwo. V r w. Of thb ëooi thinps of thia niUUV nfe are eorrowfujiy let alone on account of DyBperwia. Acker'a Dyspepsia Tableta will cure Dyspepsia, Indigestión and Constioation; sold on a positivo guarantee at 25 and 50 cents, by Johw Moore. Druggi8L A man breathes aboiu eigbteen pinta of air in a minute or npwarc) of seven hogshead aday. The only known tpedfic for EpUeptlc F its.-B í-Also for Bposms and Fülling biclne5.-S Nervons Wcaknees quiclily rclieved and cared. Jíqnalled by none in delirium of fevcr.-ö jTMenlraUzi'8 getms of disease and sickness. Cores u gly blotctaes and Btnbborn blood sores. CleanscB blood, qulckcna Blaggih circalalion Elimlnatee Bolls, Carbunclce and Scaldi.- jÉwPermanently and promp tl y cures paraljeis. ïes, lt is a ckarming and bealthfol Aperieok Kille Scrofala and EIngs EvU, twlnbrothen. Chances bad brealh to good, removin g csnbc tiyltouts biiionsness and cleare complexión Charming rc8olvent and matchlcs laxatlTe.- It drives Kick Qeadache like the wind .- tW Contalas no draetlc cothartio oropinteg. Promptly enxes Bhcnmotism by routing lt.-s Bestorcs lil'cvpifing properües to the blooj.- Ia gnarantced to euro all nervoos diiordcra.-fc ( '"Iicliable hen all opiatos fail.-% BetrcshestheinindandinTlgontcetbe body. Cnres dyspepsia or money rul'ondcd.-ï taKndoreod In writing by over firty thonsand Lcading physlcians in u. 8. and Europe.- Lcading clergymen in U. 8. and Eorope."W Dlseasce of the blood own it a conqneror.-O ïor sale by all leading druggista. il.6U.-s IJWK.8.A. MCRMOSD SEBf I!5B C0„ St. Joeeph. Is. Correspondoncefiwlyanswered by Physlctans. . For testliuonial and circular aond f nip.


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