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the Threshing Machines then in use werc almost wholly ol the class known as the " üödlcss Apron" style. Then it was that Nichols & Shepard, of Battle Creek,Mich.,inventedandbegan to develop an cntirely nevv and novel style of Grain Threshcr and Separator,which theyveryappropriatcly named the "Vibrator." It was a revolution in Threshi:: Machines, and from a small bezinning of five machines in 1858 they soon reached a product of 1,000 yearly. Their Vibrator drove the " Kndless Apron" machine out of market, and all other makers copied it as closely as they darcd. Today all Threshing Machines of any reputation or merit use the principies of the old Vibrator. Nichols & Shepard have continued in the business without changc of name, location, or management ; and during the past three years have brought out and developed another new Threshing Machine for grain and seeds, as superior to all existing machines as their former was to the ' Endless Apron.' They name this new and improved Thresher and predict as great a revolution in the trade, and as complete success over all rivals as they had thirty-one years ago. If you are interested as a Farmer or Thresherman, write for particulars, which they send free. Address NICHOLS & SHEPARD, BATTLE CREEK, MICH. FOURTH YoushouldreadTHiCmcA v V ■ co Daily News because you ntflfT want the best your money ivill ril IN I tuy. Thr Daily News s a w memberofthe Associated Press. This means that ts news service is unsurpassed. Two of its staff live in Washington the year round, and are exclusively oc cupied in its service. It has special correspondents throughout the United States, and in the leading capitals of Europe. It has 331 people regularly on its pay roll. It takes between $5,500 and $6,000 per week to pay them - nearly 5300,000 a yeflr. lts expenditures aggregate very nearly $1 ,000,000 annually. All this mean quality. Rnnember - lts circulation s 220,000 a day - over a milüon a week - and it costs by mail 25 ets. a month, four months $1.00, - ene centa tüty. Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Berry Plante, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Pears and GrapO vines a Specialty. tsyrups and Home-Made Wines. Synip of Rapbeny ; Birtlett Pear Syrnp Bone Bett. Dandelion and Raspberry Wines and Shrubs for Liver and Kidny trouhles; Sweet Red Concord and Martha White Wines. especially prepared lor Invalida. Order Trees and Planta early aa we get most of them from the best Nurwjriès east. K. l!l I!. Wwt Uur. .11 SI. LUMBEB ! LUMBER! Ï.UMBER! If you contémplate building cali ai FERDON LÜMBER YARD I Corner Fourth and Depot Sta., ar: get our ügurea for all kinds oí LUMBEB We manufacture our ovn Lumb&; and Tuarantee VERY LOW PRIOES arlUe un a cali .,ni „,. „ui mak ti i ..our hikt. -i. bh oor Inrife nd wel) IcriuLHl tocklullyiiustalnïour hm!' tlon. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. T J.KKM H.SniM. Beethesplendld Piano, Organ.Sewing Machine, Guitar, Banjo and Violln we offer as premiums t"oureuumers. Largest stock of Pianos ever seen in Ann Arbor. Lowest prices. 5 H. Fourth 8t. A .V1 WIMET. Eberfoneh éc Non, Ann Arbor, annnlr AicentH for ilie Frrncli Kem2lï'.PB" leDIlt;'S PKKIODlOAIi from Paris, France, act only npon the ?enerative organs In iemales and positivt-ly cure upression of the meiiseü (from whatever cause,) and all perlodlcal troubles peculiar to women. A safe rellabie remedy war.anted to pnimote meustruatton or money refunded 8hould not be used during preiiiiancy. The large proponion or Hls to which ladlesare Hable Is the direct resultof a disrdered or irregu ar menstrualion. Ask any dniRRlkt, Ann Arbor AMERITAN PILI. Cof Spencer, lowa. Kobkkt Stkvknsos 4c Co.! Wholesale Agents. Chicago. f.11-10 ra.CXáBt p. oweU& Co' Nowapape AavertlRiDKBurau(108pniüe8t.!.whrftdvprtlsInii ouucu mwr Le made to U VX XBXV XOSÏC HUMPHREYS' Dr. Humphretb' Specifics are scientiflcally and earefully prepared prescrlptions ; nsed for many years In private practice wlth success.and for over thïrty years useaby the people. Every Bingle Speclflc lfl a special cure for the disease named. These Speclflcs cure without drugglnjr, purging or reducing the system, and are in f act and deed the sovereian remediegof the World. LIST OF1 PRINCIPAL NOB. CURES. FRICES. 1 Fevers Congestión, lnflammatlon ... .25 2 Worms Worm Fever, Worm Collc. .25 3 Vryina Colic, orTeethlngof Infanta .25 4 IHarrnea of Chlldren or Adulta 25 ff I)yentery Oriping, BUlous Oollc. . .25 O Cholera Morbus, Vomitlng 25 7 Consh, Cold, Bronchitis .25 8 Neuralgia, Toothache, Faceache 25 0 Ilrndiirh ea, Slcfe Headache. Vértigo BI 10 I)yspepia, BIUous Stomach .25 11 Happressed or Painfal Periods. .2, 12 White, too Pfof use Periods .25 13 Croup, Cough, Dlfflcult Breathlng 25 lï 8hH Kheuin, EryRlpela, r.ruptions. .25 15 KhciimntiNin. Rheumatic Pain 25 1 Ffveraud Aguc, Chllls, Malaria. ... .50 17 Piles, Blind or Rloeúlng .50 19 Cnrarrh, Influenza, Cold In the nead .50 20 Whooping ('nifli. Violent Coughs. .50 24 i-neral Hebilily .lhyslcalWeakness .50 27 Ridneyniense .50 28 NervouB Drhility ■■'i'Q& 30 l'rinary Weaknrsn, Wettinit lied. .50 32 Diseagesof thell'art,l"aliilt:itlonl.00 Sold by Druggists, or sent postpaid on receipt of price. Dr. Hi:MniREY8' JUxrjAL, (144 pages) rlchly bound in cloth and gold, malled free. Humphrcys'MfdicincCo.lQ9FnltonSt.NY. SPECIFICS. TO MACKINÁC Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Rates. Fout Trips per Week Setween DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND Petoskey, Sault Ste. Marie, and Lake Hurón Way Porte, Every Week Day Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Bptdal Sunday Trip during June, July, August and Sept. Doublé Daily Une Between CHICAGO AND ST. JOSEPH, MICH. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS Rates and Excursión Tickets will be furnished by your Ticket Agent, or addresa E. B. WHITCOMB, G. p. A.t Detroit, Mich., Detroit and Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. LEGALS. Slortirnge Sitio. Whereas, Williaoi Warner and Helen A. Warner, his wife, of the village of Dexter, in the County of VVushtenaw, and State of Michigan, on the fourteenih day of October. in the year A. D. 1885, executed a mortgage to Lucy VV. ö. Morgan, of Ann Arbor, in said Oounty, to secure the payment of certain principal and interest money Lherein meniiontd; which mortgage was recorded on the l"th dy of October, A. D. 188S, in the office of the Kegister or Deeds for the County of Washtenaw, in liber 69 of mortgaees, on page 60; and whereas. default has heen made for more than Sixty days In the payment of an instaliment of interest which feil due on the 14th day of October. 1886, as well as in the two following amiual inttailments of imerest: By reason whereof. and pursuant to the terms of said mortgige, the whoie principal sum unpatd on Baid mortgage, of Scveu Thousand Two Hundred and Seveuty Dollar-, with all arrearagesof interest therein at the opton of taid mongagee, her exeentors or aseigns, became due and pyable immediately thereafter.' and the power of sale contained in said mortgane became operative; and whereas, the executors of said mortgaee d hereby deels re it their option, and do hereby elect to have Ihe principal sum of said mortüagejgiUi all arrearage of interest therein, bccönjHK due and payable; and whereas. ihcre ' Ho be now due and payable as aforesniJH Htid mort gage and the note accompanyn Hni. at the dale of lilis notice. the sum 'fMBMHrhousaud One Hundred and Sixty Dollars and Sevlemyone cents in addition to all other costó, inciutlmg an Attomey fee of thirty Hve dollarspand no suit or proeedinus having been inKttuted either at law or in iquity, torecover the aioresaid stim orany part thereol: Notice is Iherefore hertby given, thati-aid mortgage will be forecKefl on Friday the twenty flrst day of Jun. A. V. 1889, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, by a sale at public auction at the South front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor (said Court House being the place of holding the Circuit Court for aid County of Washtenaw) of the premisesdescribed in said mortgageorso much thereof, as may oe necessary to satisfy the amount of principal and inierefct due and unpaid upon said mortgage. togetherwith reasonable costs and expenses including an Atturney iee of Thirtyfive Pollars, which premises are described in said mortgage as follows. All those certain pieces or pareéis of land. sitúate and being in the County of Washtenaw, and 8tate of Michigan, and described as follows: towit: All of the following described land, situated in the township of Dexter, in said County viz: The North Weet Suarter of the North East Quarter and the West al f of the South West Quarter of the North East Quarter, and the East Half of the North West Quarter; and the 8outh West Quarter of the North West Quarter, and the West Half of the North Wet Quarter of the South East Quarter; and the North Half of the South West Quarter; all of the above lands being on section Number Twenty in township number One South in range number Four East. Also all of the fo'lowlng described land situated in Ihe township of Lima. in Baid County .viz: The West Half of the Somh West Quarter and the South East Quarter of the South West Quarter, and the Weu Half of the Kouth East Qnarter, all upon Pection Four; and the Enst Half of the North West Quarter of feUion number Nine (9) all in township number two South in Kange number Four Ean. Said mortgage conveyed an undivided two-tbirds interest in the premisee above named. siiuated in the township of Dexter atbresaid, and an entire interest in the lands situated in the towuship of L'ma aforesaid, and wiU be thus sold. Otis (;. Johnson, fRANKLIN L.. rARKER, Edward D. Kinne. Exerutore of the Will of Lucy W. 8. Morgan. Dated, March 25, 1889. Cotnnilssloner' Mollee. State or Michigan, j COUNTY OF WaSHTENAW. ) The unde sUuert having been appointed by the Prubate Court for said County, CommisHonere to receive. examine and arijust all claims and riemans of all persons agatnst the estáte of John G. Hoffi-tetter, late of said cunty, deoeased, breby give uotice ihatsix months frora date are allowed by order of said Probate Court, for Creditors to present their claims againxt the estáte of Raid deeeased, and that they will meet st the store of Leonhard Gruner, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, on Tuosday, 'the eixteenth day of July, and on Weduesday, the slxteenth day of October next. at ten o'clock A. m. of each of said days, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated April 16th, 1889. MARTÍN HALLKR, I Commlïsioners. Probate Order. STATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 OODKTY OF WASHTEKAW. f " At a sesslon of the Probate Court for tlie Connty of Washtenaw. holden at ihe Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor.on Wednesday, the Bi venieenth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and elghty-nine. Present, J Willard Babbilt, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of Nelson Brundage, deoeased. Freem&n P. Galpin. the administrator of said estáte, comes iiuo court and rcpresents, that he is now prepared to render hia final account aa Buch administrator. Therenpon it s ordered, that Tuesday, the 14th day oi May next, at ten u'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for xamining and allowing Kuch account. a"d that the heirs at law of said deceased, and all other pertions iutercsted in said estáte, are required to appear at a seBslon of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Aroor. in said Couuty, and show cause if any there be, why the said account should not be allowed : And it is furlher ordered that said Administrator give notice to the persons intererted in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thiB order to be publishcd ín the Ann akbor Kbgistkr, a newspaper printud and circulating in said County, three successive weeks previuus to said day of hearing. J. WILURD BABBITT, [A true copy.] Judge of Probate. W. a. Doty, Probate Kegtater.


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