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CAPITAL NEWS. Washington, May 2.- The statement of the public debt Issued yesterday shows the total debt to be ♦1,672,051,607; cash In Treasury, 55,677,1SO; debt lesa cash In Treasury, 1,101,605,428. Decrease during April, ♦18,078,ft4. Decrease sinco June 30, 1888, $63,979,238. Washington, May 4.- Secretary Elaine appeared at the State Department lookIng very well and showiiijf no feraces of hls recent illness. Soon after hls arrival Slr Julián Pauncefote, the new Brltish Minister, carne to the dopartment, accompauied by Mr. Edwards, the Charge d' Affaires, and Secretary Herbert, with several other attaches. The new Jtinister was introduced to Secretary Blalne, who lmmediately proceeded with the part; to the White House, where Sir Julián wa formally presented to the President Tha usual felicitous speeches were exchanged. Washington1, May 4. - Postmaster Mynn, of Guthrie, Oklahoma, telegraphs the Postmaster-General that as a usual thing a lina of people one-half a mile long gathera at the delivery window waiting for mail, although the eleven clerks of the office work continuously from 5 o'clock in the morntng until midnight. The delivery of letten averages 8,000, and of newspapers 1,000 datly. The sale of atamps amounts to $50 daily. There are flve banks and eix newapapers in the town. Washington, May 4.- The Secretary o! the Navy has approved the (indings of tbe Conrt-martial in the oase of LieutenantCommander George M. liook. The accused vaa charged with absenting himself from the commaud of the Pinta, in Alaskan waters. The court found him puilty and ■entenced him to be suspended for two jrears from rank and duty on furlough pay fmd to retain nis present number on tha 'list of Lieutenant-Commanders during that time. Washington, May 4.- The President and tho Secretary of the Interior have called npon United States officials in Oklahoma charged in the report of the inspectora of the Interior Department with corrupt practlces In connection with public lands in mat Territory for any explanation or statement they may desire to make relativo tbereto. The report oí the Inspectora wiil ot be made public at present Washington, May 4.- The President has Issued a proclamation reciting that the Fort Sisseton (D. T.) military reserratíon is no lonjjer needed for military pur. poses and placing it under the control of the Becretary of the Interior for clinposiüon onder the Uw. Washington, May 4.- The Adjutant-Generalof the army has received a telegram from Brigadier-Gene al Merrltt, through Major-General Crook, at Chicago, dated ííay 3, in which he says: 'I retarned to my headquartrs yesterdajr ftr vislting Cherokee strip and tbe ludían tervatton outli of Arkunsus Otty. Every thing qutet at Oklahoma Station. I aatlolptt no further trouble in the couutry from any canse, but win, in the evout of any disturbance, return to Oklahoma. I propose later to withtlraw part of the troops in the Territory. " Washington, May 4.- Carter Ji Harrison, ho was appotufcd Unitod States Marshal for the Hiddli' riet of Tenneosee, Is a brother of . . --iklunt. Washington, Muy 4. The Smithsonian Instituto has reoelved tlio uarcass oí a rommoii suntihh wetghing liOO poundg. It ■wa captured ly the life-savingr crew at Cape Lookout, where it had stranded. WASHINGTON. May 4.- Comniissloner Tanner, oí the Pension (iftiot, say that the nomber of ex-soldierfl who are drawing pensions for total blindneaa at the rata of 72 per tnontu is S."S. Washington, May ft. - Senator Ingalls Bald fecently: "In my opinión there wlll be au extra Bession of Coujres called next fall, probably about the middl of October. Thia conree has been deemed judicions with a view to organizin; tbe House of Bepresentatires and cretting' legislatiou in shape before the holiday reoess. " Washington, May .- By direction of the President the new military post near Atlanta, Ga, will be named "Fort McPherson," In honor of General James B. McPherson, who was killed near the site July 23, 18öt Washington, May 7.- Assistant AttorneyGeneral Shields has decided that appolnttaents to srvioe undor th! Census act are not wlthin the clvil-service rules. Washington, Muy 7.- The War Department has re.ceived the foilowing dispatch, dated Sunday, from General Crook at Chicago: "General Merritt telegraphs that Colonel Wade reporte all quiet iu Oklahoma territory, and that scouts discovered no attempt to scttle iu Cherokee outlet" Washington, May 7.- Captain D. It Taylor, who was directed by the Secretary of War to observe the movements of the militia assembled at New York on the occasion of the centennlal celebration, with particular reference to the ability of the various cominandn to conoentrate at a strategie point in a short time, has returned and is mnch pleased with the result ofhisvisit, saying that he believes 70,000 'HtJameu could be assembled in New York within nfteeu hours.


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