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Woods On Fire

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WBAPPED IN rULMES. 8t. Pi tl., Mi nu., May 0. - Fiu'ious forest lires are raging la Northern Mlunesota and Northern Wiuconsln, and an immense amount of damage has been done, exaetly how much can not be guessed. For miles on three sietes of Juluth the flre rages among the pines, and many country residences have been destroyed by the flamea. On the Hennantown road, near Duluth, every dwelling for four miles has been deBtroyed. It is feared also that some lives have been lost, as ineoming farmers report a vast sea of flre which is sweeping every thlng before it A high wind is blowing, which maken it impossiblo forany headway to be mado aalnst the flre. It mustslmply burn until tüero is nothing more for it to destroy. Several bouses were burned Sunday near Spirit Lake. A larg-e number of teleerraph polea have burned, so that communication is preatly interfered with. In Bome places, too, ties on the track have burned out, maklng1 it dangerous to move traina The St. Paul hmlted on the Duluth ran hrough the tire for a mile Sunday afternoon. Every hour adds to the losses. North of Turtle Lake, Wis., 2,000 cords of wood were destroyed at noon and at 6 o'clock another pile of 2,000 cords was reduced to ashes. Ten miles ahova Wausau, WÍ8., the Shields sawinill and a milliou and a halí feet of basawood and plne, valued at $35,000, were completely destroyed. South of Ashland for 150 miles the forests are ablaze. On the Fond du Lac lndlan reservation over a0,000 worth oí skidded loga went np. Other losses aggregating $10,000 also occurred on the reservatlon. Cumberland, Wis., Is almoi.t wholly sunoundod by fire. The loBses ai,gTegate $40,000 and the ominous-looking flames are so near the city that the people are intensely alarmecL North of Galesburg, Wis., tha fiie had swept the country, destroylng every thlng in lts path. Houses, barns, graineries and fences have been swept out of existence. Along the Northern Pacifio la the neighborhood of Cromwell the tamarack foresta and whatever else comes in the flre's way is being burned. It Is cloudy and it is hopd a heavy rain may put a stop to a further cpread of the great üre. Near Hincklev, Minn., Thomas Campbell and Ernest Lowell were surrounded by fire, and linally thelr camp outfit was burned about them. They took ref ug on half an acre of plowed srround, but were terribly burned and wlll die. Four yoke of cattla perished. Düluth, Minn., May 6.- There was quite a heavy rain for a few minutes in this immediate vicinity Sunday, which cleared tho atmospbere in Ouluth of the heavy smoke and ohecked soiuewltat the forest lires in this neighborhood, but the shower wa local, and from reporta brought in the flres in inoxt dlrectlons are raging as fiercely as Saturday. A man who carne to-day froin Ashland on the Northern Pacific railroad said there was but little rain there and it didn't do any good in oliecking the tires between tbis olty and that pJace. He reporta near Pike Lake, thirty-flve miles from here, a perfect ctrcle of ltame& Near Carlton Staüou, Wís., nfteen miles east of here, on the Northern Paolflo, the house, liara and entire planta of the brick-yard o( Fred H. Apygar were destroyed and he saved only the clotheson his back. Superintendent Green, of the Northern Pactflc, came in from Brainerd Sunday and reporta little rain in that direction and the country covered with smoke from the buruiiiK woods. An engrlneer on tbo night train on the St Paul & Duluth whloh arrived here Sunday morning saya that on the run from Mission Creek to near Doluth, sixty miles, there was no need of a ieadlight, the tracks beinjf lighted up by a vast streak of ilame. From the indica tiona and reporta the tire must be In some of the pine tracta west, Bouth and southwest from here. The damage to settlers and farmers and to lumbermen will probably be great Myera Bros. of this city hare lost several thousand dpllars' worth of ties and timber back of WeBt Duluth. A good deal of stook Is probably destroyed. Several lumber camps have been burned out Everywhero the cry is for rain. Ddluth, Miun., May 7.- Recent rainshavo checked soniewhat the progTess of the forest flres, but a protracted storm will be reqvdrod to eoinpletely sabdue thetn. Every incoming train reporta a fresh Hst of flamnges, and the total wlll probably reaoh over tl,0UO,(XX). On both sides of Pike Lake station, even during a rain-storm, the flamea fanned themselvea Into ïury, and tha tall pine trees feil aud shriveled up like matches. For miles tkis sida of Ashland the foresta are one sheet of blazing flre. West of Northern Paciflo Jnnction the the has dona a great deal of damage, completely cleaning out the timber fxoru some localities and destroyinji thousands of ties and polei and hundreds of corda oí woud. For a great distance tUi side of Hinckley, on the St Paul Sc Duluth road, duriug' the iiightth track was as light as day. So i'ar news has reached here of the de Btructioii of a dozen buildings- three near Barnuin, a dozen miles west of here, one near Morman, Minn., two at Pike Lake, two near Sandstone and othera in Wisconsbx Joseph Bradford's wood camp and two tie camps near Norman were wiped out; From a soore of small places come accounts of the fire to save the villagei or tnills.


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