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Real Estate Transfers

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Geo. Clrken to Fred. Brown, Ann Arbor f7000 Pellg Marshall (by heirs) to Helen M. Marshall. A. A l M. E. Pepper to Q. P. & A. D. Whaley, York.. 800 Samuel Barnard to Égbert Bow, Ypsl 260 John Weitbrecht to Mich. Furaiture Co., A A 400 David W. Brook to J. Q. Fischer, A. A 560 E. G. Wildt to Qeo. Walker. A. A_ 1 Herschell Ooodspeed to E. C. Bowling, Ypsi.. 1300 D. D. Batchelder to E. C. Bowling, Ypsl 6600 D. C. Batchelder to C. F. Conrad, Dexter. 200 l.uther James (by ex.) to Christian Lambard, Lodi __ 1800 John Pflsterer to City of Ann Arbor „. 800 Esther E. Hood (by guardián) to Sears, Babcock and James, ejecutora, Sharon 200 W. H. Huesman to Tbos. 8. Sears, Sbaron 4331 Keuier & Hood to Sears, Babcock A James, Sharon __ 100 Hugh McCabe to Sears, Babcock & James, Dexler... „ _ m 2814 Louisa Wacker (by adm.) to C. & J. Graw, Freedom „ „„ 1 Jortin Forbes (will) to Matilda L. Forbes John Peebles (will) to Dwight Peebles „. Hlram Parr to John Rushton. Manchester 2200 Wm. Larken to Harrison & Wlckham, Dexter 800 Daniel Larken (adm) to Wm. T. Larken, Dexter.... Peter VanWinklt to F. A. Palmer, Manchester „ „ _. 1 Peter VanWinkle to Jennie Aylsvrortta, Manchester „ 1 Anne Clark to Qrace Telford, Dexter 158 Nathanial Harris to Grace Telford, Dexter..... 6999 Marinria Noyes and E. Lee to James M. Taylor, Bridgewater & Manchester 800 E. A. Campbell to James A. Campbell, Superior „ 200 Gruner and Hutzel to D. F. Schairer. A. A 610Í Schairer and Hutzel to L Giuner, A. A 8020 Hannah E. Hicks to W. CL Brass, Webster 1 G. J. Pease to Geo. W. Milieu, Ann Arbor 200 Schairer and Gruner to H. & T. HuUel, A. A - _ 1800 L. Gruner to H. A T. Hutzel, A. A. 1 D. F. Schairerto H. & T. Hutzel, A.A 1 Sarah A. Emerick to E. & A. W. Flower and A. E. Smith, Ypsi 750 C. F. Kapp to C. G. Prochnow, Northfleld 1 John Kapp et al. to C. G. & 8. O. Prochnow, Northfleld 1 M. E. church, Dexter, to Ellen T. Alley, Dexter 150 Auditor General to Negus and TuruBull, Chelsea „ R. Behan (by sheriff) to TuruBulI and Negus, ChelBea „ Ambrose IKearney to TurnBull and Negus, Chelnea. TurnBull and Negus to Henry Steinbach, Chelsea David Godfrey (by ex.) to Jacob Laubengayer. A. A 725 Seymour & Martha Hammond to Geo. Hickox, Manchester 800 Chase L. Dow to Hattie A. Baxter, A. A 500 Hattie A. Baxter to Chase L. Dow. A. A 1