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The measles have struck Chelsea. The Sunday-school at Sylvan Center has been reorganized. The creamery at Manchester turna out 700 pounds of butter daily. The estimated expenses for Ypsilanti for the ensuing year amount to $28,747. Joseph Feeley, of Howell, has been fined $30 for brutally whipping his son. Ypsilanti now comes to the front as a suburban residence town for Detroit merchante. A. F. Freeman has been elected one of the directors of the Peoples' bank of Manchester. S. McKinstry, formerly proprietor of a hotel at Howell, died recently at his home in Ashley. Congressman Allen addressed the graduates of the Raisin Valley Seminary last Friday. Gottlob Mann, of Freedom, has sold 60,000 feet of red and white oak lumber to New York parties. Mrs. C. Dunning, of Hamburg, had her collar bone fractured wliile driving to Brighton recently. F. C. Wood, of Lodi,has shipped over 10,000 pounds of wool to Boston for farmers in tkat vicinity. Mrs. W. H. Shier, wife of Rev. W. H. Shier, of Saginaw, was buried at Ypsilanti, last week Tuesday. The anniversary exercises of St. John's parochial school, of Ypsilanti, will be held Saturday evening. Ypsilanti has purchased a piece of ground on which to build a tower and stand-pipe for the water works. If you drive sheep having foot-rot along the highway between May 1 and Nov. 1, you are liable to a fine of $50. Rev. Fr. Garry, of Brighton, has gone to Iieland to spend three months on his native heath, which he left 26 years ago. The commencement exercises of the Ypsilanti high school were held last Friday evening, there being 17 graduates. Frank Brockway, of Howell, has received $1,200 back pension and will draw $12 a month frona this time forward. John Spafard has received $76 33 from the Washtenaw Mutual in settlement of a loss of wood which he had on May 15. The reunión and Ü6hing party of the Walker families at Whitmore Lake on the 15th was a success, 65 couples attending. The Dexter Leader has suspended its free list, and now everybody who wishes to read that paper will be obliged to pay for it. July 4th will be a busy day at Whitmore Lake. A picnic will be held at Widenman's grove and dances at both hotels. The Ypsilanti mail carriers have been aspigned to their respective districts and are training for the ordeal which commences July 1. Cards are out announcing the forthcoming marriage of Prof. P. E. Cleary, of the Ypsilanti business college, and Miss Helen Jenks, of St. Clair. Announcements are out of the marriage of Dentist, H. W. Heller and Miss Fannie Caldwell, daughter of Rev. W. E. Caldwell, at Saline, Wednesday. The baccalaureate address to the senior claes of the Manchester schools wa delivered at Emanuel's church, las Sunday evening, by Rev. W. B. Pope. Two Dexterites had their pockets picked while returning home from the circus lastweek. The light figered gentry did not get much for their trouble. Joseph Horan, a farmer living near Cones, feil from the temporary bridge at Milan on the evening of the 17th,and was drowned. He was intoxicated at the time. Nathan Schmid, of Manchester, has been elected treasurer of the Germán Workingmen's Association of Michigan. They'll find every dollar safe when Ihey want it. A score or more of Dexter young ladies are planning a " dove " picnic at the lake for an early date. Not a single horrid man is to receive an invitation. - Dexter Leader. The students of Prof. Weeks' classes in the Noral School have presented him with a handsome gold watch as a token by which he may remember them as he goes to other fields. Geo. Barion, a Fowlerville man, has invented a device for sharpening the toe calks of horse shoes without removing them from the foot, and has made application for a patent. Geo. S. Wheeler, D. E. Smith, Scott Cook, J. B. Waterman and H. B. Thayer are membera of a committee appointed at Salem to solicit subscriptions towards building a creamery there. The Chelsea ladies complain of the loafers standing on the street corners eTery evening and all day Sundays, the nuisance having grown so that many ladies go out of the way rather than pass by them. Two Milan geniuses have invented a steam tricycle which will carry two passengers and fuel over a good road at a speed of fifteen miles an hour. They estímate that the machines can be built and sold for about $300 each. The following officers have been elected by the Ypsilanti Home Association : Mrs. John Gilbert, president ; Miss Carrie Wood, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Hayes, vice-presidents ; Mrs. E. H. Dickinson, secretary ; Miss Abbie Van Dusen, treasurer. George Dickerson, of Manchester, will be obliged to get along during the rest of his life with only four and one-half digits on one hand. While working in a saw-mill one finger was piuched between two planks and amputation was necessary. Mr. Joseph Buland tells a big butter story, but as he is not the man to exaggerate, it must be true, and who will beat it? The story is that from a Holstein cow he has sold in the past ten months 220 pounds of first-class butter and $20 worth of milk, besides supplying demanás of a family of three adult persons. Now who will show up the Short Horns ?- Ypsilantian. Chelsen. Wheat in this vicinity is looking unusually well. Mrs. Dr. Finch is expected home from Toledo, this week. The camping season has commenced at Cavanaugh Lake. Mrs. Wm. Emmert was quite ill last week, but is now improving. Thos. S. Sears is just recovering from a severe attack of pneumonia. The Chelsea Cornet Band is engaged to play at Manchester on the 4th of July. Miss Irene Everett is attending commencement at Kalamazoo College, this week. The teachers and higher classes of the High School had a farewell picnic at Cavanaugh Lake, last Saturday. Frank Baldwin graduates from Olivet College this week. His parents have gone to Olivet to witness the proud event. The subject discussed by Rev. Mr. Mclntosh, last Sundav evening, at the M. E. church, was, "Are we under tribute to the rum power, and to what extent ?" Dr. R. S. ArmstroDg.who has recently returned from an extended western trip, thinks southern Kansas the garden of Eden, but would not take Oklahoma as a gift. Rev. Peter Sears, of Oxford, Miss., who has recently completed a course of theological study in New York City, bat been spending the past two weeks with his únele, T. S. Sears, at this place. Mrs. Franklin, of Lansing, widow of the late Rev. B. Franklin, once pastor of the Congregational church of this place, is visiting friends and old acquaintances here. Rev. J. E. Reilly was informed by cablegram from Ireland, last week, that one of his sisters, a young Jady of 17, was among the victims of the terrible R. R. accident recently reported in thftt country, in which nearly a hundred Sunday-school scholars perished. The Chelsea Savings Bank Co., have had a fireproof vault constructed from the bottom of the cellar to the ceiling of the first story, in which to deposit their new burglar-proof safe, and as a depository for all their important papers, the accumulation of the eighteen years of its existence. The closing exercises of the High School, held at the M. E. church, last Thursday evening, were of a high order, and reflected credit upon both the performers and their teachers. Wm. B. Hoppe was the only gradúate, and his bandling of the topic, " The Benefits of Education " was a clear manifestation of a well disciplined and a well informed mind. Many regents are expressed ;hat Prof. Loomis and his assistant. Misa Slaght, are to leave us, though conïdent expectations are entertained of ;he ability, qualifications and success of ;heir successors, Prof. Hall and Miss Lowe. Ypsilanti. The Student Christian Association bas 350 meuibers. There were twenty-seven graduates Trom the Normal Training School this week. Miss Susie McKinstry is off on a summer's jaunt among the good people of Minnesota. O. A. Ainsworth bought a 2,996 pound wool clip last week at twenty cents per jound, unwashed. Many alumni and friends of the Normal are here to enjoy the intellectual "estivities of the week. Mrs. Lucy L. Stout, a contributor to ;he Youths' Companion, is stopping at one of our sanitariums. Our High School turned out eighteen jraduates to try their luck in this cold exacting world. B ït they're a plucky class. At the 32d annual meeting of the Ypsilanti Home Association it was reported that $235.35 had been distributed among fifty families during the past year. President Sill delivered an eloquent nd stirring baccalaureate address at Normal Hall, Sunday evening. A large ludience of 6tudents and city admirers istened with pleasuró and proflt. The mail boxes are distributed to such families as care for them and the carriers are preparing to receive "blessngs" of various kinds from the people whom they will try to serve efficiently. Hon. E. P. Allen will give the Saline High School graduates a rousing address Friday evening. The captain has climbed the ladder from the lowest round, and knows what he is talking about. Prof. Cleary, of business college renown, will claim Miss Helen Jenks, of St. Clair, as his bride Thursday, the 27th. Hosts of friends join in wishing the young couple happiness and prosperity. The High School freshmen picniced with the studente of Misses Norton and Gilbert's rooms, Saturday, in Starkweather's grove and had "just too sweet a time for anything" chasing the festive water lily to its lair, murdering unwary mosquitoes and being scared into A minor shrieks by the savage little water snakes. Prof. Weeks, of the Normal, has been made the happy recipiënt of a gold watch by a number of his students. The professor will take charge of the St. Louis, Mich., schools next season. Among his assistants will be A. E. Kennedy, a gradúate of the normal class of '89, and a former gradúate, Miss Muir, of Ann Arbor. Wtaltmore lake. Mrs. Wm. Rane visited at Ionia, recently. Neal O'Hearn, of Howell, was at the Lake, Monday. Dances as usual at the hotels on the eveniag of the 4th. Mrs. Louisa McKimm, of Diinondale, is a guest at Joseph Pray's. C. A. Pray and wife spent Saturday and Sunday at East Saginaw. The lishing has been very good of late, and many have found it out. Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Bird, of Dentón, called on friends here, last Friday. Mísb Ellen Robinson and Mr. Jay Pray, returned from the Normal School, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sheffer, of Jackson, have been visiting their daugbter, Mrs. Frank Roper. L. J. Stiles, wife and daughter Dollie, visited at his father's at Fowlerville, over Sunday. Guests are commencing to register at the hotels, where unusual attractions are, and one ray of warm sunlight would turn every mind toward Whitmore. Ye editor of the Excelsior was at the Lake two or three days last week, gathering bits of information pre paratory to treating us to a grand write-up of the " summer resort of Michigan." The 4th promises to be a glorious day at Whitmore Lake. The Catholic picnic at the east-side grove will bring a great number of people here, and the eagle will scream with almost deafening yells. Milan. Our village is full of traveling men. The art loan established in the interest of the Presbyterian church is meeting with success. The Saline river, seeing that we defy it when on the rampage, has resumed its normal condition. Lawyer Sawyer was down last week and took a dose of electric sugar home with him in the shape of a spotted horse. The drove of Texas ponies brought here, some eighty in number, have most of them been disposed of and it is said that more are coming. It is said that a Washtenaw tramp lawyer has visited Mrs. Horan, in relation to the death of her late husband, who met his death while intoxicated. Joseph Horan, from near Cones, who carne to our village on the 18th and got drank, started for home in that coodition but feil from the temporary passage way over the river and was drowned. The body was found two days later nearly twenty rods below the bridge. Our new bridge is at last completed. While the township and village authorities seem to be at variance over the subject of approaches, the bridge itself was ready for traffic last Monday, but could not be used because the approaches are not finished. The village business men complain that the want of the bridge has driven business from Milan, yet they are silent over the approach war. Webster. I. G. McColl, of U. of M., visited Webster Sanday. Mrs. Helson, of Detroit, returned Tuesday last. Miss Lulu Spencer is the guest of William Burnham. Miss Ada Latson, of Howell, arrived here last week and will stay a few weeks. Lottie and Lizzie Latson have gone to epend a short time with relatives in Genoa. Stíhools for the most part have closed in this vicinity. No. 1 however will not close until this week. Will Wilson has returned from the A. A. H. S. and will now take up the stern realities of agricultural pursuits. Croquet is now becoming a favorite game. A great many have spared no pains in fitting up grounds for this sport, so now the tag ends of time and thought are utilized. Dexter. Several of the Dexter people rode down Sunday evening, to hear Dr. Angeli's address. The ride, the address and the music were delightful. Flower Sunday was observed at the Baptist church on the 23, both morning and evening. The pastor, Rev. Herman Burns, gave an excellent sermón to the children. Scores of Dexter people are anticipating the pleasure of witnessing the boat race on Base Lake, to test the merite of two boats, one owned by John Bross, and the other by Emanuel Jedlie. Commencement exercises of the High School, last Friday evening. Opera house filled full, largest and most orderly indoors crowd that ever assembled in Ddxter, and fine exercises.


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