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"The ïemperance Question in India," a matter which is now before the British Parliament, will be treated by Bishop Hurst, of the Methodist Church, in the July Century. It is atated that the intoxicating liquor furnished to the natives of India by the Government is called by them "Apka Shrab," or " Government Shame Water," and that it is supplied at the very reasonable rate of four cents a bottle. Hamilton W. Mabie, of the Christian Union, writesan open letter in thesame number of the century, entitled "Indiana, and Indiana," in which he takes a higher view of the possibilities of the red man than does Mr. Renaington. Thoughtful essays and interesting descriptive articles are very happily mingled in "The Popular Science Monthly" for July. Prof. W. G. Sumner, of Yale, opens the number with the discussion of the question, " What is Civil Liberty?" A grimly fascinating subject is treated by Charles W. Pilgrim, M. D., of the State Lunatic Asylum at Utica., N. Y., who contributes " A Study of Suicide," Accounts are given of two little-know families of living things, with pictures showing their curious and graceful forms. One of these is "SeaButterflies," described by Prof. Cari Vogt; and the other is "Fungi- Microscopic Forms," by Prof. T. H. McBride. The debate over agnosticism is continued in a paper emtitled "Christianity and Agnosticism," by Rev. Dr. Henry Wace, who undertakes to show that Prof. Huxley's latest argumenta are evasive and fallacious, and also courteously criticises Mrs. Ward, the author of'Robert Elamere." Miss Adel M. Fielde gives more of her fascinating observationa of Chinese customs, deacribing this time "Farm-Life in China," New York; D. Appleton & Company. Fifty cents a number, $5 a year.


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