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The short stories in the July Century will be contributed by Thomas A. Janvier, Edward Bellamy, and T. W. Higginson. Following upon the July chapters of " The Life of Lincoln" - which,as already announced, describe the President's renomination and Mr. Greeley's self-suggested peace trip to Niágara - there will probably be only six more installments of this remarkable history in The Century series. It is said that these concluding chapters deal with the most important and absorbing personal and political topics, to which Messrs. Nicolay and Hay bring a vast fund of special information. The publishers announce that the back numbers of The Century from November, 1886. containing the installments of the Lincoln History are now all in print and can be supplied to those who wish to complete their sets. Of several of these nmmbers two hundred and fifty thousand copies have been printed. The frontispiece of the Magazine of Art for July is a capital etching, by M. Daniel Mordant, of Remembrandt's famous painting, "A Family Portrait," which is among the treasures of the BruBswick gallery. The opening article is by the distinguished English painter, Geo. Fredrick Watts, who, under the title "More Thoughts on Our Art of To-Day," gives some capital advice to the art student. Cliiude Phillips has an interestiag paper on "The Plagiarisms of the Old Masters." Portraits of Alexander the Great are treated of with pen and pencil, while the Editor discusses Current Art. ín the latter paper is a fine reproduction of John S. Sargent's portrait of George Henschel, the baritone. F. G. Stevens gives a careful study of Savonarola, which is 1lustrated by the well-known Fra. Bartolommeo portrait. - Cassell & Comany, New York. 35 cents a number ; $3.50 a year in advance. Frederic Remington, the artist, who has several times shown his ability to write an interesting magazine paper as well as to Ilústrate one, will describe the Apaches and the Comanehes in an article entitled " On the Indian Reservations " in the July Century. Among the dozen illustrations is a striking fullpage picture of an Indian horse-race, ''Coming over the Scratch," - seemingly sketched from just in front of the horses' heads. A General Tle-up. of all the means of public conveyance in a large city, even for a few hours, during a strikes of the employés, means a general paralyzing of trade and industry for the time being, and is attended with an enormous aggregate loss to the community. How much more serious to the individual is the general tie-up of bis svstem, known as constipación, and due to the strike of the most important organs for more prudent treatment and better care. If too long neglected, a torpid or sluggish liver will produce serious forms of kidney and liver diseases, malarial trouble and chronic dyspepsis. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets are a preventivo and cure of these disorders. They are prompt, sure and effective, pleasant to take, and positively handen. DR. FRTJTÏÏ, Will visit Ann Arbor, Tuesday, July 9th, 1889, from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. One day only. At Arlington Hotel. DR. FRUTH, OF THE Provident Medical Dispensary, NEW YORK CITY, Ably assistcd by a full corpa oL competent physicians and Burgeons, treats with unparalleled Buccess all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of the Eye and Kar of evcry nature upon the latest scieutific principies. lis particularly invites all -whoso cases havo been neglected, badly treated or pronounced incurable. Patients who are doingwell under the care of their own physicians need not ca'.l on us, aa our provinco is to treat those who cannot find relief otherwlse. Believing that scieuce is truth and "truth is mighty and will prevail," when known, and knowing that disease can be cured with positive certainty, he invites the afllicted to cali and receive adviue iree and be cured of their diseases. There is no subject that requires so miich study and cxperlenceas the treatment and cuS of chronic diseases. The astonishing success and remarkablo cure performed by him ís due to a thorough knowledge of the structure and functions ot the huiuau Bystem, and the cure of disease by natural remedies. Let those given up by otherscall for examination. Hehassuccesslully treated the following diseases slncehisarrival in this State: Eye and Ear diseaus, Chronic Diarrhoea, Chronic Inflammation oj the Womb, Chronic Inflammalion of the Bladder, Painful or Irregular Heiutruation, Fever Sores anid Ulcere, Incontinence of Urine, Tape Worms, Crooked Limhsand Enlarged Joints, Spinal Curvatura, Club Foot, Hip Joint Disease, White SweUiitg, Discharging Abscesses, Steruityor Barrennent, Kcrvousneiië ona Qetwral bebilüy, Impokncv, Disease of the Kidneys and Bladder, Leucorrhea or Whites, Élotches, Pimples, Skin Discates, Dufieps{at Constipation, Dropsy, Cáncer, Epileplic Fits, Erysipclas, Gravel, Goitre, Oket, tíanorrhoea,Hydrocele,HearCIÍ!iease,Headache, Piles.Ifysiena.Syaliilix.St. VitmDance,ChroriicDysenleni,Éiilarged Tonsils, Fístula in Ano, Hernia gr Xupturr, Orarían Tumors, Paralysis, Prolapsus Utcri, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Scrofula, Consumption Clironic Cough, Female Weakness, Spennatorrhea, Lnmmatism,etc. All surglcal operations perfermed Free Examlnatlon of the Irln.-. Eacn person applying for treatment should bring anounceof theirnrine, which will receiveacareïul chemical and microscopical examination Kemarkable Cares perfected in old cases which have been ueglected or unskillfully treated. No experimenta or failures. Parties treated by mail or express, but where possible personal consultation preferred. Curable cásea gua-ïateed. List of questions Iree. Western Address, DR. FRl'TH, Toleclo, O.


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