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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organized 1869, under the General Banking Law of this State. CAPITAL, $50,00Ör SURPLUS, $100,000; ( AL ASSETS, $673,660.12. Business Men, Guardians, Trustees, Ladies and other persons will find tbis Bank a SAFE ND OONVBNIENT Place at which to make Deposite and do Businss. INTEREST IS ALLOWED ON ALL SAVINGS DEPOSITS of $1.OO and upwards, acocrding to the rules of the bank, and interest compounded semi-annually. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. SECUEED BY UNINCCMBERED REAL ESTÁTE AND 0THEK GOOD SECURITIB DIREOTORS : - OhristianMack, W. W. Wines, W. i. Harriman, William Deuble, David Rinsey, Daniel Hiscock and W. B. Smith. OPFIOERS: - Christian Mack, President; W. W. Wines, VlcePresident ; O. E. Hiscock, Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank -A.T -A-ÏTIsr AE,BOH,r 3LICH:iC3-A.3Sr, 3ULA.-5T 19, 1889. KESOURCES. LIABTT TTTKH Loans and Discountó „J 816,834 68 Capltal stock ..t"....... t 50.000 00 Stocks, bonds and mortgages 213,874 85 Surplus Fund 100000 00 Overdrafte 396 78 Undivided Proflts 11,240 31 Due from banks in reserve cities 94,246 92 oSSSSG5Sfcz:'.ZIZZ: 333,80 29 Furniture and fixtures 1,930 85 Savings deposite 848,067 33 Bü"tattraXn".!!!.!!!.e!PaÍd " OfiSSÍOfezEE 18$ U Checks and cash items 22 96 8 656,663 24 Nickels and pennies 100 63 solemn'y swear that the above statementli rn,A ,cnnn true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. SUver Z CHAB.V. HISCOCK, Cashier. o L''ï ZZ'"l'i"iï"i iaTH sworn to and subscribed before me, this 15th day L.S. and atIonal Bank notes 10,455' of May, 1889. A. D. SEYLEE. Notary Public --; Correct- Attest : Christian Mack, W. W. 666,663 24 Wines, Da vid EiNSEY, Directors.


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