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Napoleon With A Pigtail

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The flight of Sing You, the late esteemed cashier oL See Son & Co., Chinese bankers in . Chicago, with $15,000 belonging to depositor8, excited all Chinadom. The news that Sing You had appeared in the boodlers' colony in Montreal excited Chinadom more. The receipt of the following letter yesterday by a brother Celestial in Mott street, this city, gave Chinadom a positivo thrill. MONTLEAL, FEBBELALY TWO TLEE. To Wun Lung, Mott stleet, New Yorkee, f rom Sing You: Whoopeel Me, alle samee Melican man, gettee on tlain, come Canada, cop no catchee, keepee cash, getteo dlunk, singee song, laise hellee, allee samco boodlees, all samee Eno, alle samee Mandelbaum, alle sameo Piado (Peek-a-Boo synopsee, plagee 3), no comee back allee samee Henly Ives, heap foolee. You tellee me you no sabbee .makee money. Me tellee you. You catchee place in bankee, allee samee plesident, keepee books, keepee cash, pay intlest. Heap fine bankoe, heap fine safee, heap big sign. Plenty heap Chinaman, he come. Hop Ah Kin, he come, he say. "Mistan Bankoe Plesident, me catchee some money washy-washy, maybe tlee hundled dollah. You keepee him f oh me?" You say him: "Allee light, me keepee him." You takee money. You gjvee leceipt. Wing Choo, he come, he say: "Mistan Bakee Plesident, me catchee lilly money." You say him: "How you gettum?" He say: "Me catchee butts in guttt, make heap fino cigalettes." You say him: "How muchee mo:aey you gottee?" He say you: "Mee gottee sebbenty dollah." You say him: "Allee light, me socfc him in safee, pay you intlest." Meen Fun, he come, he say you: "Mistan Blankah, mo havo heap fat wad, you keepee him f oh me?" You say him: "How fat?" Ho say you: "Wad belly fat - more steen hundled dollah." You say him: "Me plenty keepee Wm in safee, heap pay intlest, you go catchee some more." Allee Chinaman tttey coma, puttee wad, puttee boodle, puttee spondulix in safee. You catchee bimeby more fifty tousand dollah, makee you heap glad. Bimeby Chinaman he come, he say : "Maybe you givo me wad, mego back China." You say trim; "Allee 'ightee; comes toraollah, f o' clockee." Notha' Chinaman he comee, he sayee: "Plaps you payee me my boodle, me go San Flancisco." You say him: "Allee light; fo' clockee tomollah. " Notha' Chinaman, he cióme, he say : "Mo allee bloke up; must pay tlee hundled dollah; mo vvantee my scads." You say: "Allee lightee; come tomollah, f o' clockee." Notha' Chinaman he come, be say: "My blotha' he gettee allested; me wantee six hundled dollah go baillee." You. say: "Allee light; f o' clockee tomollah." Alljee Chinaman wantee money outee, uone puttee money in. Allee samee you smile likee H( mly Ives, you say: "Comeo tomallah f o' cloclc" Youclosee door, pullee down blind, open s afee, takee out money, puttee him in glippee. sack, catchee lailload ticket foh expless foh Montleal, whoopee, dam sudden. Fo' clock to-mollah he cofne allee Chinaman comee bank. Bankee heap cíosed. Chinaman bustee in, bustee in aafee, allee money heap gone. Chinaman hifih dotwn teleglaph ornee and teleglaph: : Nbw YobkebS, Feb. 20. : : To Wun Limgv : : ■ Plesident Bankee, : : Montleal: i : You comee back heaj quickee. I'aymcmey. ! : Depjositobs. : : 7. Paid B0. You leadee bim. Tou smJJee. Yon go teleglaph office, you teleglaph: : ÏIontleal, Febla iy tootóo. : : ToDeplosiOorsChlnamanBanl;, '. : Mottstleet,,Ne;Yorkee: ! : Latsl : : 1. CoUect 50. Wun Ldnq, : You go back hotellec, you smilee, you catchee line dinnah, loast beefee, raaccalani, flied lice, lobins, lasbelly puddin. You eatee heap, you smileo, you g-attee dlunk aJlee time, allee samo Melican man, whoop! heap fun!


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