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An Honest Woman

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"I seo you are ad-rortising fine creamery bratter at thirty cents," said an oïd woman who entered a Michigan avenue grocery yesterday. "ís it butter or is itoleomargarine?" "It's butter, madame, and the very best," said tho grocor. "Sure it ain't oleomargarine?" "Perfectly so. I'll warrant it." The woman turned to go, when the grocer asked: "Won't you try a few pounds?" "No, I dont want none. I wactt soma oleomargarino. " "I have that, too," said the dealer, "put up in boxes and labeled." "How much is that a pound?" "Eighteen cents." "That won't do. I want to pay just as mnch f or it as butter Ís worth." "You can do that if you want to; I ain't sayin' a word, am I?" said the man. "But why do you want to?" "Well, you see, I've been givin' my boarders the bost butter, an' they guy me an' calJ it oleo. I vow it's butter, an' they won't believe me. Nbw I want to get some oleo an' tell 'em wiat it is. Theyll think I lie an' eat it for butter. But I don't wantto make a cent out of it. I'm an honest woman.'


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