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State entomologist Lintner of New York says the destruction of vegetation by insects was not so great before the introduction of the English sparrow as now. Advice lo Motners. Mrs. Witslow's Soothing Syrup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the beat remedy for diarrhcea. Twenty-five cents bottle. ________ A 60-year-old man of Lina, O., is readng " Robinson Crusoe" ÍQr the thirtyfourth time. SHILOH'S CURE will imraediatelv relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. Sold by & Son. LOOSE'S EXTRACT fLOYER PLOSSOM j - TRABE MARK ■ IT UUtíffiS Cancars, Humors, Sorel, Ulcera, Swellings, Tumors, Abscesaes, Blood Poisoning, Salt Rbeum, Catarrh, Eryaipelas, Rheumaíism, and all Blood and Bkin Distases. Pricb, 81 per Pint Bottle, or 6 Bottlea for 3. 1 Ib. can Solid Extract $2.60p i. M. LOÓSE BED CLOVER CO., Detroit, Micb. Solrt by Eberbach & Son. LUMBEE ! LI7MBER! IUMBEB1 If you oontemplate building oall b FERBON HllJlil Coruer Fourth and Depot Sts., ac get our figures for all kinds oí LUMBE1, We manufaoture our own Lumbe: and sruarantee VERY LOW PRIOBS 49-Glve ns a cali nntl we wlll niabe I your íiiterest au our largue and wol' K ril'l stock lully Kiisliiiiis onr asser (Ion. JlHKt ÏOI.DSBÏ, J'tíf (. J.HKWH.NUIH. INSURANCE, EKAL ESTÁTE AND LOAN AGENCY OV A. W. HAMILTON Offices, No. 1 and 2, First Floor, Hainilton Blook. Partles deslrlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wlU fludlttothelradvantage tocall on me. I represent the followlng flret-clas Fire Insurance Companles, navlng an aggregate capital of over 88,000.000: The rand Raplds Fire Ins. Co., The Hilo Farmer's lus. .. insur.oiily dwellliiKM). The wTiiuiii tire Iiin. Co., The okivonlia Fire las. Jo., Tne til iaK'iii" Fire Ins. 'o., The Worloliestcr Fire Ins. Co., The Miiwnukee nrchanlc'i) lUutnal l'lr Iiim. C., 'B'he New HampNliire Fire Ins. Co., The Ainazon Fire Iun. Co. Ratea Low. Urnas liberally aitjuated aui oromptly pald. I also Issue Life and Investment Poltcles Ín tfct Coun. Mutual Life Insurance Compauy. A sets 165,000,000. Pereons deslrlug Accident Insuianee, can have yearly Pollcles writtcn for them oí Traveler"s Coupon Insurance Ticket lBaed &t Low Kates In the Standard Accident Insurance Company of orth America. Money to Loan at Curroui Rate. Office hours from 8 i. H. to 12m. and.2 U . H. ALE". W. HAJ1IITON, ! Jiaiailtou Biock Fairbanks' Scales, WIND MILLS, HAY PRESSES. Superior Goods! Favorable Pnces! FAIRBANKS, MORSE & CO.,


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