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Professor Thurston, of Cornell university, does uot bellere the steam engine will be superseded in a hurry by aay other motor, not even electricity. He isays, on the contrary, that improvements will continue to be made in it which will adapt it more and more to the mighty industrial enterprises of the oenturies to come. Gas engines can be need for small industries, not for great ones. Tho first improvements will be in the direction of overcoming the enormous waste of f uel whereby speed and power ie obtained. Great ohanges for the bettor in this respect have already been made. He propbeeies that the next generation will eee a steam engine driving a hip across the Atlantic in tliree or foor days, at an expendituro of one pouhd of f uel per horse power an hour. ïlying trains may be expected to cross the continent in two days, transporting íreight at a cost of $3 or 1 a ton. The ■team engine will yet be improved by a hnndred inventora. Though Mr. Murat HaJstead dld not get the Berlin inission, bis f ellow countrymen have by no means ceased to talk about liirn. One day it is anuoanoed that he is going to make the iiext Republican race for governor of Ohio; another day we hear on alleged good aothority that he will be a candidate for United Statea senator in Mr. Payne's place. A Mormon proselyter reoently returned from Europe says that 1,000 converts wiH jodn the saints in Utah from Europe this nmmer. One ship has airead y brought 182. The eider said at present thobrethren were receiving more men than women converts. Thia is reversing the usual proportion. A Congregationalist woman m Cambridge, Mass., organized a Monday clara tor moral and religieus instraction to boys and girls of the public schools. Her elass duw numben WO in regular attan&uicQ. There are in Boston ovr 400,000 people. Of these 20;",850 go to chuich on Sunday. The rest go somewhera else or stay at borne. A new oompulsory eduoational law in Maasachusett incidentally brings priyate schools under the supervisión of public school authorities. It provides that every child in a city or town shall attend for twenty weeks in the year a public day school or some privat sohool approved by the eohool commlttee of Bch city or town. This is called the Wardwell school law. An Italian lady, Doctor Quiseppina Oattani, has been appointed lecturer on pathology in the oldest sohool In tb world, the Univeraity of Bologna. Sb faTwy beautiful, lscturee to800 studentB, and the boys are naturally "entranced by her eloquence. " This is history repeating itself. Seyeralhundredyearsago, wonv en doctors as leoturers in the UniTerstty of Bologna were not unoommon. The battles about Kenesaw niouutaln, Ga., took place f rom June 9 to June 80, just a quarter century ago. TheKenesaw flghts were one continuous battle. The Union losses were 8,670. Napoleon at Marengo lost only 4,000 of hls men. In the records of history there hare been no such losses as were sustained on both sldes in the American civil war. At Waterloo Wellington lost 15 per cent. of hisforces. At Gettysburg the northern anny lost 28 per cent., at Antietam 29 per cent. In the bloody battles of the Wüdemess the Anny of the Potomao lost 81 per cent. of its soldiera in killed, wounded and prisonere.


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