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. WE-BESTWHITE-SMP-MADE-IN-AMERICAI wjJas-S-Kirk 8 O531 wHITE 1 dlKT yff r G-OUD 1 WÍ Hvf RAPPERS 1 Ifl Ml ff -tetó? -E . _JWK ' ,a Phototoaph; THEGrain-Saving,Time-Saving, Money-Saving Thresher of this day and age. HAS More Points of Exclusive Superiority than all others combined. EVERY Thresherman and Farmer is delighted with its marvelous work. NOT only Superior for all kinds of Grain, but the only successful handlerof all Seeds. E NT I RE Threshing Expenses (often 3 to 5 times that amount) made by extra Grain Savcd. WORKMANSHIP, Material, and Finish beyond all comparison. VIBRATOR owners get the best jobs and make the most Money. ÍNCOMPARABLE for Simplicity, Efficiency, and Durabrlity. BEYOND all rivalry for Rapid Work, Perfect Cleaning, and for Saving Grain. REQUIRES no attachments or rebuilding to change from Grain to Seeds. ABROAD and ampie Warranty given on all our machinery. TRACTION Engines Unrivaled in Material, Safety, Power and Durability. OUR Pamphlet giving full information, sent Free. It tells about this gr;at REVOLUTION in Threshing Machinery. Send for pamh phlet. Address HUWIPHREYS' VETERINARÏ SPECIFICS For ïïorses, Cattle, Sheep, Bogs, Hogs, AND POULTET. 300 Fase Book on Treatment of AnimnlA and Chart Sein Free. cures 5 FeTem. Congestiona, I nflammatonv A. . -pi mi I Meningitis, 9Iilk Fever. lt.B."Siriiinn, .aniciicsM, Khcomatiam Distemprr, Nasal DiHrharges. II.II. - HoIm nr Grnbs, Wnrinx. I'.. K. ( imiuIim. Ilinvrs Pneumonía. F.F.- Colic or Oripes Bellyache. O.G.- Alincarriaire, Ifemorrhaires. II. il. - Ohnirv and Kidney liseaBea. I . I - F.rupi i vr Diseases, Mange. .1 . K - Dlseases of Digestión. Stable Case, wlth Specifica, Manual, Wltch Hazel OU and Medicator, 87.00 Frice, Single Bottle (over 50 doeee), .00 Sold by DruKEists; or Sent Frepaid anywhere and in any qnantity on Receipt oí Frice. Humphreys' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St., H. Y. WHÊl ÏÏÏÏMPÏÏEEYG' IRfáS HOMEOPATHIC f f Ei2JsPECIFICNo.ü TjMUeáeíri. Theonly nccemfnl remed; for Nervous Debilito, Vital Weakness, and ProBtration, from oyer-work or other cause. $1 pervia), orö víais and lare vial powdar, for $6. 60LDBY Drüogistb, oraentpostpaid on receiptof Pnce.- Hnnphreyt' Hedidne Co., 10 VulUM SU, tt. X. Ia Vjhe Best and Purest Medicineg L EVER MADE. JXiItwin drive the Humor from yourl ff.Bystcm, and make your ekinlll o '(cl'in and Bmooth. Thoselll o "rrlLPimiileg and BlotchesU M J# O ? .whuh mar your bcautym til ,4e f, vj Vvare caused by impurcK ÏS The Pose 1%,-Vi VJ -& Hl f mall-ouly a tea%% "(, (, ■% O. II ls])oouLul. Itistho3 llbebtnad chpnpeatk '-a o v vil III medicine. Ti y it, aaií, , % III you wlll be sal lsfled . "p. o--, ! III Sïï Uet it oL yuur Drugglst. 'V'S IQüON'TWAIT. GETirATONCEk E If yon ai-c uufferlng from Kid Ifl ney Discase, añil wish to livo trf1 oíd age, use SULMUIt BITTEKS; I TUey nsver faU to euro. II to A. P. Oi'hvay & Co., Buc'. ..itiUcalworkpubliíihed?


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