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Johnstown, Pa., June 21. - Twenty-niiu bodies have been found sinca Thursday, morning and many of them. on account of the advanced state of decomposition, were promptly buried aftei being completely covered with oil. Th Btench is becoining daily more sickening and unbearable. A case of diphtheria de" veloped Thursday, and the victim is now al the Red Cross hospital. John Slagle, representing the Pittsburgl Chamber of Commerce, sayg 500 of the Chicago houses have been contracted for, including a cook-stove, furniture, bed-clothing, etc. , for each house. A train consisting of eighteen freighi cars, loaded wibh provisions of all kinds, arrived Thursday from Caldron, Neb. Among other things tn"é cars contained horses and carts, while the roofs of the cars werecoyered with citizensof the town who have tendered their services to General Hastings. Johnstown, Pa., June 22. - There was nc trouble among the workmen here in anj way Friday and it is the general belief tha( the authorities have won the contest and are masters of the situation. All the saloons in the place are closed by order of Genera' Hastinffs and there was little or no disorder. Thirty-two bodiès were taken from the wreckage Friday. 8ix of these belonged to one family and were found near theii former home. Several parts of humas bodies were also found. Johnstown, Pa., June 24. -All the local physicians met aceidentaljy at the Bedford Street Hospital Saturday night. They represented all parts of the stricken city, and after discussing the calamity all joined in the conclusión that not a rouI less than 30,000 people were lost in the flood. On account of the general knowledge of the people possessed by the physicians the estímate ír looked upon as reliable. A complete list of the houses entirely swept away in Cambria City, of which not a vestige remains, shows the number to be 825. Johnstown, Pa., June 35.- A fire yesterday destroyed twenty-five houses that had escaped the flood, but a small amount of the furniture saved. Colonel J. L. Spangier, in charge of the commissary department, presented nis weekly report to Adjutant-General Hastings. The report shows that 25,000 people are still being daily fed by the Btate. Sarah J. Mackin, a soldier's widow, who lost all her earthly possessions by the flood, has been awarded a pension and back pay amounting to 95,966.


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